Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez NOT Engaged, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Not Engaged

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Not Engaged

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are not engaged, despite a late and wrong report based on an Instagram photo of the singer wearing a ring. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight. The former MLB player hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend.

Earlier this week, Lopez shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a piece of jewelry on her ring finger while lounging on the beach with her boyfriend. Based solely on this image and zero other evidence, several outlets, including OK! And The Daily Mail, spread rumors about Lopez and Rodriguez having gotten engaged. Sources close to both stars were unaware of any engagement, and one of our contacts even noted that the jewelry worn by Lopez “doesn’t look like an engagement ring.”

The Blast later confirmed that Lopez and Rodriguez are not yet engaged. The reliable celebrity news site noted, “She regularly wears rings on that finger, and the well-framed shot had no hidden meaning.” The outlet also pointed out that the relatively modest piece of jewelry didn’t appear to be an engagement ring, even joking that “an engagement ring from A-Rod is going to be visible from outer space.”

Unfortunately, the website for Brides magazine is continuing to fuel the false false rumors by speculating an engagement between the two has “finally arrived due to the suspicious-looking ring J.Lo is wearing in her latest Instagram.” As noted above, Lopez commonly wears a variety of rings on her ring finger, so there’s nothing “suspicious” about the piece of jewelry. To back up its contentions, the outlet shares various Instagram comments from fans wondering if Lopez and Rodriguez are preparing to wed. Of course, breaking engagement news based on fan speculation isn’t the best strategy when it comes to accurate reporting.

The tabloids are constantly publishing false reports about the famous couple’s relationship, so it’s not surprising that various outlets would claim the two got engaged without any real proof. Over the past few months alone, Gossip Cop has busted false articles about Lopez being pregnant with Rodriguez’s baby and the couple planning a wedding. We’ve even debunked stories about them splitting. Obviously, none of these situations have panned out.

It should be noted, Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship appears to be going quite strong, so it’s entirely possible they’ll get engaged at some point in the near future. Gossip Cop, however, doesn’t break scoops based on speculation. If and when the former Yankee star actually pops the question, we’ll be sure to update.


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