Jennifer Lopez ‘Too Busy’ To Marry Alex Rodriguez?

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Too Busy Married

By Griffin Matis |

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Too Busy Married

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Jennifer Lopez is too busy to marry Alex Rodriguez? One of the tabloids claims the singer keeps signing on to projects, forcing her to constantly delay her wedding. Gossip Cop looked into the story and we can confirm it’s totally false.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez has been getting a ton of offers for various projects, while Rodriguez has struggled to “build a TV résumé.” Apparently, this is causing a lot of tension for the power couple. “Their schedules are conflicting, and it’s tearing them apart,” says a supposed source. “J. Lo’s been getting work offers that she doesn’t want to refuse, and it’s recently led to a big argument.”

The alleged tipster adds “Jennifer was offered a big project that she wanted to do, but Alex said no because it would keep her away from him and the kids. He’s turning into a macho, controlling guy.” The “insider” doesn’t name any of the projects taking up Lopez’s time or how Rodriguez is struggling with TV considering his position as a color commentator for ESPN. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Lopez’s camp, who assures us there’s “no truth” to the story.

Like any busy couple, Lopez and Rodriguez will get married when they have the time, which is why they haven’t chosen a date yet. The singer isn’t delaying a wedding that isn’t scheduled. That being said, the two stars certainly aren’t too busy for one another. This week, Rodriguez posted a video on his official YouTube channel featuring him and Lopez showing off their pre-game and pre-show workouts together.

The rest of the couple’s social media footprint tells the same story. In a comment on one of his posts from earlier this month, Lopez even called Rodriguez her “beautiful Macho,” which is Spanish for “man.” That’s definitely not the word you’d use if you were fighting over how macho someone was acting. Additional Instagram posts show Rodriguez supporting Lopez on her international concert tour and spending time at home together.

Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer earlier this month for making up a bizarre story about Lopez bringing generators on her tours following a blackout that postponed her New York concert. In July, the tabloid wrongly stated that Lopez was spending too much time getting lunch and talking with Ryan Seacrest. This latest article doesn’t address how someone who’s too busy to get marry their fiancé has time to get lunch and constantly talk on the phone with another man. Perhaps it’s just too difficult for the outlet to keep track of all of these fake storylines.



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