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Is Jennifer Lopez getting married to Alex Rodriguez "for business, not love"? That's the premise behind a new article in one of the celebrity weeklies. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this untrue claim. We're told it's nonsense.

According to NW, there's not a lot of "chemistry" between Lopez and Rodriguez, and their relationship is nothing more than them being "best friends" and cashing in on their status as a "power couple." To make its highly flawed story seem credible, the publication asserts it has an "insider" who insists Lopez is going forward with her upcoming "$21 million" wedding because, even though there's talk of the former MLB player having a "wandering eye," the singer "knows this relationship is good for her image and she's not about to let those allegations get in the way of that." "Their romance is far more about a meeting of minds than anything else," contends the magazine's unnamed "spy."

The same anonymous and possibly invented source continues, "They've both become extremely successful and have giant fortunes to match, and Jennifer loves that they're seen as a major power couple." The tipster adds, "It's not quite the romantic relationship that they make it out to be on the surface, but they get along really well and Jennifer trusts Alex's judgement." "There may not be a ton of passion between them, but J. Lo knows exactly what she's doing."

Allow Gossip Cop to step and a point out a series of errors within the tabloid's tale. Though certainly a red flag when it comes to believability, one of the lesser issues is that the same so-called "spy" alternately refers to Lopez in quotations as "Jennifer" and then as "J.Lo," which a real-life friend of hers would not do in normal speech. Also, while the magazine first states that the "World Of Dance" star is "not about to let those [cheating] allegations get in the way" of her relationship with Rodriguez, it later maintains almost contradictorily that Lopez "trusts Alex's judgement."

Mostly, the outlet is asking its readers not to believe Lopez and Rodriguez when they say how much they love each other. It's also asking them to dismiss all those photos of Rodriguez and Lopez looking happy together. But here's the biggest problem with the report: If their relationship were a sham, why would they go to the lengths of "splashing out a cool $21 million on their upcoming nuptials"?

For clarification, that figure is also made-up. Lopez herself has said she and Rodriguez haven't even begun planning their wedding. Regardless, as opposed to the tabloid's story, which bases its entire article on an unidentifiable and seemingly fictitious source, a rep for Rodriguez went on the record with Gossip Cop to wisely point out, "You don't have to get married to go into business together." If it were truly about "business, not love," there would be no reason for them to have to wed and complicate their lives legally and financially.

Remember, NW is the very same outlet that Gossip Cop busted when it wrongly reported weeks before she got engaged that Lopez was dumping Rodriguez for ex-fiance Ben Affleck. And then shortly after the former Yankees star popped the question in March, the publication concocted a bogus tale about how Lopez and Rodriguez were discussing having an open marriage, a point the tabloid neglected to mention in its latest article, though it would have bolstered its false narrative. Lastly, the magazine inaccurately claimed nearly one year ago how Lopez and Rodriguez and were secretly engaged and marrying on July Fourth weekend in 2018.

In that manufactured piece, their wedding was supposed to take place in the Hamptons, and the couple was "sparing no expense" to have a week-long celebration that would "cost upwards of $5 million." Not only did the nuptials' price tag magically go up four times as much over the past 11 months, but never was it even implied their marriage is for "business, not love." That's because, much like its previous reports, the tabloid's current story is also completely fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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