Jennifer Lopez “Not Happy” Alex Rodriguez Ex Madonna Was At VMAs Is Untrue Claim

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Madonna VMAs

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Madonna VMAs

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A story claiming Jennifer Lopez was “not happy” Alex Rodriguez’s ex Madonna was at the VMAs is untrue. Gossip Cop can bust the report. We’re exclusively told there was “no drama” at the star-studded event.

Lopez received the night’s biggest honor, the 2018 Video Vanguard Award, and brought boyfriend Rodriguez as her date. The athlete’s former girlfriend, Madonna, appeared near the end of the awards show, sharing an anecdote related to Aretha Franklin and presenting the award for Video of the Year. Now RadarOnline is blaring in a headline, “Catfight! J.Lo ‘Wasn’t Thrilled’ When A.Rod’s Ex Madonna Got On Stage At The VMAs.”

The site claims that although Lopez and Rodriguez “looked like the ultimate Hollywood couple,” there was actually “quite a bit of drama going on behind the scenes.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “J.Lo wasn’t thrilled that A.Rod’s ex-girlfriend was at the show.” The blog’s untraceable source asserts, “She sat in silence when Madonna presented.”

Of course, audience members should generally be silent when someone is presenting. Was Lopez expected to hoot and holler? The website offers no other details to back up its “drama” and “catfight” contentions, but nonetheless asks readers, “So who’s the biggest diva, Jennifer Lopez or Madonna?” Maybe it’s RadarOnline, which is seemingly so desperate to capitalize on interest in the MTV Video Music Awards that it concocted this baseless narrative.

It should be noted that multiple reputable outlets did stories about what viewers didn’t see on the broadcast, sharing on-the-scene tidbits that reporters witnessed while at the awards show. Entertainment Weekly, for example, shared in its “what you didn’t see on TV” recap that during Madonna’s appearance, “Mostly everyone just sat there in subdued silence.” That makes Lopez’s own silence all more unremarkable.

None of the articles mentioned anything about an actual issue between the two singers. And that’s because there wasn’t one. “There was no drama last night,” a Lopez confidante tells Gossip Cop. Our impeccable contact stresses, “Last night was a celebration of Jennifer’s musical work and she was surrounded by so much support from families/friends/colleagues. It was truly a magical night for that purpose.”

But the site has a habit of twisting reality. Earlier this month, the blog absurdly claimed Lopez was showing off her abs to distract from engagement rumors. And after the couple started dating in early 2017, the website told readers Lopez and Rodriguez were in a fake relationship. At this point, it seems the only thing fake is the outlet’s reporting.


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