Jennifer Lopez Angry At Alex Rodriguez For Liking Kylie Jenner’s Sexy Instagram Photo?

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Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez Kylie Jenner

By Andrew Shuster |

Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez Kylie Jenner

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Is Jennifer Lopez angry at Alex Rodriguez for supposedly liking one of Kylie Jenner’s sexy Instagram photos? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to NW, the former baseball star “creepily” liked a picture of the young reality star wearing a tight mini-dress. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “This is pretty inappropriate by anyone’s standards, since Alex is 43 and Kylie’s 21. Plus, they have no connection whatsoever to each other, except for being celebrities.”

The questionable source continues, “Kylie’s post was really hot, so what was going through Alex’s head when he liked it is anyone’s guess. Jen’s not one to put up with this type of behavior – she’s fuming.” The supposed tipster adds, “It doesn’t look good for their relationship when he’s lusting after a girl half his age. It’s made Jen look like she’s dating a creep. Alex will have a hard time wriggling out of this one, if you ask me!”

However, there’s not a single other outlet in the world reporting that Rodriguez liked on of Jenner’s Instagram photos. If the former MLB player had actually clicked the like button on the reality star’s page, NW wouldn’t be the only publication to have noticed. The story, which provides zero proof of Rodriguez liking the image, is completely baseless.

Meanwhile, it appears that Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship is as strong as ever. This past weekend, the singer gushed about her boyfriend during the closing night of her All I Have residency in Las Vegas. Lopez told E! News, “It’s been something beyond my wildest dreams to have a partner who is so supportive and loving and really, really loves what I do.” She added, “That type of love and support that makes you soar.” It certainly doesn’t sound like Lopez is “fuming.”

Additionally, Lopez spoke to “Entertainment Weekly” over the weekend about how touched she is that Rodriguez attended so many of her shows. “He really makes the effort, so do I, to be there for each other and it means a lot to me,” she said.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Rodriguez, who laughed off the magazine’s bogus story. Despite what an anonymous and untraceable “source” claims, a spokesperson for the former Yankee tells us on the record that it’s nonsense. The couple isn’t fighting over an Instagram post that Rodriguez never liked in the first place.


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