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Is Jennifer Lopez really furious at Alex Rodriguez for flirting with other women backstage at an awards gala this month? That's what a tabloid is reporting this week. Gossip Cop has investigated the allegation. It's not true.

A bogus article in the National Enquirer claims Lopez was seen "giving Alex the riot act" backstage at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards on January 2. The outlet quotes a supposed insider as saying, "They were acting all loved for the cameras," but Lopez was a different person behind the scenes accusing Rodriguez of "flirting with gorgeous fans."

The tabloid goes so far as to call the alleged argument a "brawl" and claims the couple's "recent flare-ups have put their wedding plans on ice." The questionable insider adds, "They've been arguing non-stop. She's accused him of hitting on other women, and it's becoming harder for her to hide her feelings!" The suspicious source contends the arguments have been going on for weeks and ran right through the Golden Globes, where Lopez was nominated for an award for her role in Hustlers. "At the Golden Globes, she made sure he was always a step or two away from her, just to keep an eye on him," the "source" says.

The magazine then rehashes a report from 2017 about the former Yankee "chasing" fitness model Lauren Hunter. It's an old claim and an allegation Rodriguez has denied. Still, the tabloid's tipster adds, "J. Lo is on high alert. Everyone feels it's just a matter of time before the relationship implodes!" Why would a two-year-old false allegation have Lopez on "high alert" in 2020? It makes no sense, nor is it explained. The tabloid probably needs to find a new "insider" because nothing in this report is factual.

It's interesting that the tabloid would mention the Golden Globes because in an Instagram post shared by the singer that night, she said, "I cannot even begin to explain what having you by my side means to me... I love riding thru life with you... my biggest supporter, my rock, my macho." Those words accompanied a photo of Rodriguez in the limo with her on the way to the awards show. There's nothing ambiguous about that - Lopez is crystal clear on her feelings for her fiance. Just to be sure, Gossip Cop checked with our source close to the Hustlers star, who told us the story was, indeed, totally bogus.

It's really not surprising that the Enquirer would have little insight into the superstar couple's relationship. The outlet has a long history of poor reporting on them. Last August, the publication said Lopez was too busy to marry Rodriguez. In that phony report, the tabloid's supposed source said, "J. Lo's been getting work offers that she doesn't want to refuse, and it's recently led to a big argument." The article was blatantly false. The truth is that both Lopez and Rodriguez are busy, and they haven't made their wedding plans public, but neither are "too busy" to get married. Gossip Cop confirmed the item was false, once again, with our source close to the couple.

Then, in October, the same tabloid asserted Lopez was too cheap to pay for her wedding to Rodriguez. That was another bogus article which claimed Lopez was "looking for some sort of deal" to get her wedding endorsed. A questionable source stated, "There's no way she's paying for that wedding and even less chance of her wasting one of her biggest press days of her life." Gossip Cop busted the story for its complete lack of details beyond the insulting idea that Lopez only saw her wedding as a publicity opportunity, which clearly isn't the case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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