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Is Jennifer Lopez planning to have a baby with Alex Rodriguez as a phony tabloid report is alleging? No, there is no truth to the story. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

"J. Lo Talking Baby At 50!" screams the headline in a bizarre article in the National Enquirer this week. The piece makes the audacious claim that Lopez, who turned 50 in July, is telling her friends that she wants to have a baby with her fiance, Rodriguez. The story quotes a supposed source as saying, "Jen wants to have more kids, so they've talked about having another. Even though she's 50, she tells people she's biologically 31! And at 44, Alex is still young enough to be a father again." The singer allegedly credits her intense workouts and her strict diet for turning back her biological clock.

According to the dubious source, Lopez believes she's entering her prime, saying, "Meryl Streep's career took off after she was 40," and also mentions Tina Turner and Cher as "late bloomers." The so-called source adds, "As they got older, they blossomed in a way they hadn't before." It's unclear what those women having professional success after 40 has anything to do with having a child at age 50, but that's the wild claim the tabloid makes. It's also worth noting that all of those women, while successful after 40, were also wildly successful before 40 too, but again, why any of that matters at all is a mystery left unresolved by the tabloid.

The truth is the tabloids have often claimed Lopez is or is planning to be pregnant and each time, the story has been debunked. This latest report is just more of the same nonsense. While both superstars have children from previous marriages, they are not planning more, as this story asserts. Gossip Cop checked in with our own reliable source close to Lopez, who confirmed the story was bogus.

The Enquirer has an embarrassing track record when it comes to covering the former baseball star and the "Jenny From The Block" singer. Last month, the outlet alleged Lopez was too cheap to pay for her wedding to Rodriguez. That story also quoted a questionable source as claiming, "Jennifer is looking for some sort of deal. There is no way she's paying for that wedding, and even less chance of her wasting one of the biggest press days of her life without harnessing it to help her business." Gossip Cop busted the story, citing a mountain of evidence that the couple wasn't even in the process of wedding planning yet. They're still juggling very busy schedules, including Lopez's upcoming appearance at the Super Bowl.

However, there's also no truth to any of the rumors about Lopez delaying her marriage to Rodriguez, despite multiple reports from various tabloids claiming otherwise. The Enquirer has been front and center with these phony rumors. The fact is, both of them are insanely busy and just haven't had time to plan a wedding yet. As for this latest angle involving a baby at 50, that notion is just fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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