Jennifer Lopez won't marry Alex Rodriguez unless he signs a strict prenup with a cheating clause, and it's causing a major fight between the couple, claims one of this week's tabloids. The story, however, is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

According to Star, Lopez was planning to wed Rodriguez at their new Malibu home in September, but put a last-minute halt to the preparations. "Jen's devastated by claims that Alex cheated on her for months, right up until he proposed," a supposed source tells the magazine. "She's having serious doubts about his character. The wedding has been put on hold, and everything is up in the air. Jennifer won't commit to anything until Alex agrees to her terms."

The outlet is referring to unsubstantiated cheating allegations made by British model Zoe Gregory, who told a tabloid in March that the former MLB star propositioned her over text before proposing to Lopez. Gregory had zero proof to back up her claim, and Gossip Cop was told the singer paid no attention to the accusation. Not long afterwards, Rodriguez's former baseball rival Jose Canseco claimed on Twitter that Rodriguez was having an affair with his ex-wife, Jessica. Canseco's ex dismissed the tweets as "false" and explained that she hasn't seen Rodriguez in years.

Despite all rumors of infidelity being untrue, the tabloid's "insider" maintains Lopez had her lawyers draw up an "ironclad prenup" that includes a $2 million cheating clause. "If Alex cheats and she finds out about it, he'll have to cough up a couple million, just like that. She's refusing to marry him without it."

The suspicious tipster further contends Rodriguez is hitting back with harsh stipulations of his own, and "wants it in there that she has to pay him $2 million for each year that he doesn't cheat. He's telling friends it's only fair. He's sworn up and down that he's been faithful, so if he signs, it could seen as an admission of guilt." The seemingly phony source concludes that Lopez is letting her fiance mull over the prenup with his lawyers, but if he doesn't sign it, she's calling off their wedding.

The tabloid's premise isn't remotely true, nor is it original. Back in March, Gossip Cop busted Star's sister publication, In Touch, for making up a similar story about Lopez forcing Rodriguez to sign a prenup with a cheating clause. In that story, however, the ex-Yankee was said to be "willing to prove his commitment to her by signing it." This time around it's alleged he's refusing to sign the so-called "cheating clause," and it has turned into a battle between the pair. Neither narrative is accurate.

Here's what's really happening. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out Star for wrongly reporting that Lopez and Rodriguez were planning a wedding at their house in Malibu. As we noted at the time, Lopez said in a recent KTU interview that she and Rodriguez haven't started planning their wedding and won't begin doing so for a while.

The singer will be on the road all summer for her It's My Party concert tour, and starts shooting a movie directly after that. The tabloid is trying to come up with an excuse as to why there's no Malibu wedding in the works by rehashing an old story involving a "cheating clause." In reality, Lopez and Rodriguez, who frequently flaunt their romance on social media, are happily engaged and will walk down the aisle when their schedules allow it. A source close to the singer assures Gossip Cop that all of this prenup drama is fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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