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Ever since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started dating in early 2017, fans have been waiting for an engagement. But if you believe the tabloids, they've been engaged several times. Below, Gossip Cop looks at five wrong rumors about the couple planning to wed.

Just after it was revealed last year that the superstar singer was seeing the superstar athlete, HollywoodLife speculated in March 2017 that Lopez was already engaged to Rodriguez and wearing a diamond ring. The site was unsure of their exact relationship status, wondering, "Has Jennifer Lopez walked down the aisle for a fourth time?" But had the blog bothered to research or fact-check, it would've learned that the purported "new bling" had nothing to do with Rodriguez and wasn't even new. When Gossip Cop investigated, we discovered it was the same ring Lopez had worn to a 2014 FOX party, as seen on Getty Images. We also checked in with our impeccable sources, and a Rodriguez pal called the engagement/wedding speculation "ridiculous," while our Lopez insider mocked, "Didn't she have his baby already?"

Last June, In Touch claimed to know the couple was engaged and planning a wedding. "Alex got down on one knee and asked Jennifer to marry him during [a] romantic trip... She burst into tears and said 'yes,'" a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. Lopez was supposedly now envisioning Parisian nuptials with a $3 million price tag. At the time, though, one of our contacts rightly told Gossip Cop she was "not engaged" and therefore not planning a wedding. Rodriguez's rep went as far as joking to us, "We had the wedding yesterday." Lopez and Rodriguez had actually been in Paris earlier that month, but no wedding took place then and to this day they still aren't married.

In December, the tabloid's sister publication Life & Style alleged Rodriguez had picked out a "$3 million engagement ring" with 15 carats. Apparently ignoring the report from six months prior about the pair already being engaged and planning a wedding, the magazine and its unnamed "source" now claimed he had received permission from Lopez's parents to get married, and was planning to whisk Lopez away to Paris, where he could "get down on one knee and pop the question" for a "nice, quiet proposal." Gossip Cop still isn't sure why the outlets were seemingly fixated on $3 million and Paris, but these contentions weren't true, either. While People reported earlier that month that it was possible Lopez and Rodriguez would get engaged over the holidays, we were assured that he hadn't purchased an engagement ring, as alleged. Sure enough, the holidays came and went without a proposal.

The following March, Star claimed Rodriguez proposed to Lopez with help from their kids over St. Patrick's Day weekend. "Word is they all worked together to bake Jennifer a cake and wrote, 'Will you marry me?' in icing," yet another anonymous "source" was quoted as saying. It was alleged on top of the cake was a $5 million, 9-carat ring. At the time, Gossip Cop pointed out that no reputable outlets had reported anything about the stars becoming engaged, and while both often flaunt their relationship on social media, Rodriguez's Instagram post on St. Patrick's Day contained no sign of an engagement. That's because no proposal had happened, reps for both stars confirmed to us.

Most recently, NW peddled a story in May contending Lopez and Rodriguez were secretly engaged and planning a July Fourth wedding. The magazine maintained "whispers have been building" that the duo "got engaged on the down-low," and cited an untraceable "insider," who asserted, "There's a lot of talk that Alex popped the question in secret." The alleged snitch went on to say, "They've been ready for this for a long time. It's just a case of making it official." But Gossip Cop reported that Lopez had already addressed engagement rumors, saying in an interview a week prior, "We're good right now. I'm not trying to rush into anything, I've done that before, to no avail."

She reiterated that sentiment just a few days ago in a segment for "GMA," where Lopez acknowledged that people want to see her and Rodriguez engaged. But, she said, "We have to take our time. I've made plenty of mistakes in my past. We're mature now, we're grownups, and we're gonna take our time and we're going to do things at our own pace." The tabloids keep rushing them along, and are doing so with what are clearly fabricated stories. And Gossip Cop can assure fans that if and when Lopez and Rodriguez get engaged, it won't be these gossip magazines breaking the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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