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Jennifer Lopez did not show off her abs to distract from (wrong) rumors that she and Alex Rodriquez are engaged. There's nothing in that claim from an often disproven website that's remotely true. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted, and Lopez herself has confirmed, the two are not engaged. And it's beyond absurd to tie how the actress-singer dresses for workouts to talk of her hiding an engagement.

And yet RadarOnline, an outlet that's often misguided about Lopez and Rodriguez, did. In a new article, the blog alleges "Lopez showed off her rock-hard abs as she headed to the gym in New York, but all anyone could look at was her ring finger." In the headline of its story, it's even maintained her workout outfit, which showcased her well-tined tummy, was specifically chosen to "distract" from the rumors "that she and ex-major leaguer Alex Rodriguez are engaged." Part of the difficulty in debunking the article is that its premise is so ridiculous and the two main statement are unrelated.

Also, after the site contends in the article that Lopez was "sporting a giant diamond ring," the blog contradicts itself a few lines later when it adds, "But her rock hard abs couldn't hide the fact a much more important 'rock' was missing from her finger." So, was she wearing a ring or not wearing a ring? Actually, she was wearing a ring to the gym, but it doesn't matter because the bling has nothing do with them getting married, and there are no Lopez and Rodriguez engagement rumors other than the false ones published a few days ago by the website's sister outlet, the National Enquirer.

Earlier this week, Lopez said on the KTU radio show, "Cubby And Carolina In The Morning" very definitively, "I'm not engaged." And for his part, when Rodriguez was asked by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on Wednesday's "Today" show, he similarly replied, "No, we're not engaged." Once again, Gossip Cop will believe the words out of the two primary subjects over the vague "rumors" begun by that website.

As for how Lopez dresses for her workout, the singer often wears leggings from a company named Niyamo Sol, which shows off her abs and that she promotes on social media. Fours weeks ago, Lopez posted a photo on Instagram of herself in white snakeskin leggings from that company and no one linked it to her being engaged. And just two weeks ago, Lopez also showed off her abs on Instagram while wearing a pair of the leggings and again, there were no engagement rumors about her and Rodriguez.

It appears the website simply wanted to once again float the claim that the two superstars are getting married any day now and tie it to photos they bought of Lopez wearing abs-baring workout clothes. But it's all unrelated and untrue. Much like the outlet was wrong five months ago when it also falsely asserted Lopez and Rodriguez were engaged. Maybe it's time the blog's writers start exercising their reporting muscles a little more rather than posting super weak articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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