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Jennifer Lopez is not engaged to Alex Rodriguez, despite speculation about a ring she's wearing in a new Instagram photo. Gossip Cop can set the record straight. The jewelry in question doesn't mean the couple is set to wed.

The rumors were sparked on Thursday after Lopez posted on Instagram a photo of herself leaning on Rodriguez during a Fourth of July trip to the beach. She wrote in the caption, "It's the lil quiet moments that matter the most..." Lopez said nothing about an engagement, and Rodriguez hasn't either.

But OK! is asking on its website, "J. Lo Engaged? Find Out Why Fans Are Convinced A-Rod Popped The Question." The tabloid contends the couple "might be engaged, or at least that's what J. Lo's followers think after the pop star posted a photo of her beside her man with a ring on that finger." The magazine points to various comments from fans, such as, "Wait are you guys engaged? Cause I did spy a ring."

Noting that Lopez hasn't responded to the comments, the outlet asserts, "If the happy couple is tying the knot though, they clearly aren't ready to tell the public quite yet." The publication clearly made no effort to investigate apart from looking at the singer's Instagram feed. Curiously, the tabloid doesn't mention anything about Lopez being pregnant, which is what it claimed (albeit wrongly) in its latest issue. The magazine also doesn't say what happened to Lopez and Rodriguez getting married on New Year's Eve, which is what it alleged (also falsely) last October.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is also fueling an engagement narrative with a headline that states, "Jennifer Lopez, 48, models bathing suit while flashing RING on her engagement finger during beach day with Alex Rodriguez." Claiming her Instagram snapshot was "eye popping for two reasons," the paper writes, "Not only did the 'World Of Dance' star show off her figure in a hot pink bathing suit, but she also flashed a ring on her wedding finger that may or may not be from [her] beau of over one year." The publication further remarks, "The star often wears her own bling, but it was interesting that she had this ring on her wedding finger with no other rings around it."

Much like OK!, though, it doesn't appear the outlet put any effort into fact-checking. Gossip Cop did, however, and while a rep for Lopez declined to comment, sources close to her were unaware of any engagement. In fact, one contact even pointed out to us on background, "That doesn't look like an engagement ring." A spokesperson for Rodriguez has not yet responded to our inquiry. As for Lopez only wearing that ring "with no other things around it," it's likely the performer opted for minimal jewelry since this was a beach outing that included her laying in the sand.

It should also be noted that Lopez has denied over the last few months that she is in any rush to wed. Most recently, when Gossip Cop looked at wrong wrong Lopez-Rodriguez engagement rumors last month, we pointed out that just days prior she was asked in a "GMA" interview about J.Lo fans wanting to see them tie the knot. Lopez responded, "We have to take our time. I've made plenty of mistakes in my past... We're gonna take our time and we're going to do things at our own pace." The gossip media should stop rushing them along.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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