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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez engaged on the "down-low" and in a "trial marriage"? That's the claim from one of this week's celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop, however, has learned it's untrue. There has been no proposal or secret engagement.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez has "agreed" to be Rodriguez's wife. An alleged "source close to the A-list couple" is quoted telling the supermarket tabloid, "They've been engaged for a while." "They've just been keeping it on the down-low," adds the supposed insider.

Although the publication sounds unsure of itself when it writes how Lopez was seen "on camera sporting what looked like a diamond ring at Game Two of the World Series in Boston," it has its purposed tipster instead say it more definitively. The tabloid's "source" declares, "Jen already has her engagement ring... She doesn't wear it all the time, but she did flash it at the World Series."

Next, the magazine relates how Rodriguez and Lopez were spotted jewelry shopping in Miami on November 2. A so-called "spy" claims, "Alex suggested they get love bands that looked like wedding rings" to further show their commitment to one another. The outlet's insider contends Lopez and Rodriguez are currently in a "trial marriage," though they "aren't making any wedding plans just yet."

Of course, if the tabloid truly had a "source close to the A-list couple," he or she would know some details about Rodriguez's proposal, which undoubtedly would've been grand in scale. But the magazine doesn't offer one single detail about when, where, or how the former Yankees player supposedly popped the question. And the reason is because they are not engaged "on the down-low" or otherwise, nor are they in a "trial marriage."

As for the ring Lopez had on at the World Series, it's neither new nor was it on her engagement finger. She wore it on her right hand, a signal they are not engaged. Lopez also sported that diamond ring in September while on the red carpet after her final performance of her Las Vegas show All I Have.

Regardless, a Lopez confidante tells Gossip Cop there's "no truth" to the tabloid's tale. Meanwhile, in response to our asking whether the couple is secretly engaged, Rodriguez's rep simply mocked the reputation of the Enquirer. And, in fact, the publication has been very wrong about the former baseball star and the singer-actress in the past.

Just a few weeks ago, at the time the magazine now claims they were already engaged "on the down-low," the outlet contradictorily maintained in another article that Rodriguez felt "trapped" by Lopez and wanted to date other women. In that story, the tabloid quoted an alleged insider as saying, "Alex is feeling very caged... He's ready to start playing the field again." Since that publication likes baseball puns, allow Gossip Cop to note it struck out back then and once again whiffed with its latest tale about Lopez and Rodriguez being secretly engaged and in a "trial marriage."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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