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What ever happened to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's baby? Nine months ago, one of the celebrity magazines insisted Lopez was pregnant with the former baseball star's child. As Gossip Cop noted then, the claim was 100 percent wrong, and now it's even clearer the outlet either manufactured the story or was misled by an unreliable "source."

In July 2018, OK! asserted "a mini J.Rod may be on the way." The tabloid noted the couple was "adding a baby to their blended family" of Rodriguez's two daughters, Ella and Natasha, and her twin boy and girl, Max and Emme. So what was the publication's proof? At the time, it noted the singer and actress had been wearing "baggy" clothes, and during one particular outing a couple of months before, she seemingly "obscured her belly" with a purse and a loose-fitting sweater.

When the original report came out, a source close to Lopez told Gossip Cop it was untrue and highly unlikely she and Rodriguez would have a child together, even though their relationship was (and continues to be) rock solid. Now, three trimesters later, it's obvious Lopez was not pregnant nor is she currently carrying Rodriguez's baby. And if there was any doubt, just a few hours ago Lopez posted to Instagram a photo of her rock hard abs in a pink bikini from the set of her upcoming film Hustlers.

While Rodriguez and Lopez's relationship status switched from dating to engaged a month ago, what hasn't changed is OK!'s trustworthiness when it comes to articles about the two. Just a few weeks ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it falsely maintained Lopez and Rodriguez were getting married in Mexico in July. Not only did a rep for the retired Yankees player confirm to us it was incorrect, but a mutual friend of ours and Lopez also shot down the speculation, pointing out how the singer will be on her It's My Party Tour throughout July. Of course, it's also the same outlet that wrongly claimed Lopez and Rodriguez were having a summer wedding in the Hamptons in 2017.

Additionally, the same publication that said nine months ago they were having a baby also inaccurately contended once how Lopez was going to take a break from Rodriguez. The tabloid alleged the performer simply wanted "some time for herself." In reality, the couple has been pretty much inseparable on purpose since they began dating.

Basically, the magazine has repeatedly published one incorrect article after another about them, including how Lopez was pregnant with Rodriguez's baby. What's troubling is the original piece gave no indication whatsoever that its tale about Lopez expecting was ever fact-checked with individuals in either her or Rodriguez's camp. Equally problematic is that the outlet has not issued a correction or update since birthing its bogus story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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