Jennifer Lopez is not "fighting" to keep Alex Rodriguez's attention," despite a completely made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this easily disproven premise. On the contrary, A-Rod has been nothing but attentive to his girlfriend of more than a year and a half, and there's no breakup on the horizon.

According to the not entirely impartial National Enquirer, which fills its article with bad baseball puns, Rodriguez "wants to play field again." The magazine reports Lopez is "at risk of striking out with baseball bad boy Alex Rodriquez because their high-profile romance is keeping the cad from scoring new hotties." The supermarket tabloid further alleges he's "balking under the spotlight and feeling trapped by J-Lo's controlling ways."

The publication goes on to contend Rodriguez is "tired of being stuck with one woman," and is "looking to be a free agent." And while Lopez's people allegedly want the former baseball player to "play the role of the perfect mate," the outlet's seemingly manufactured "source" notes, "That's out of his league."

The Enquirer, which Rodriguez's camp previously slammed for falsely alleging he was texting another woman shortly after he began dating Lopez, clearly dislikes the former Yankees star. In the course of its article, among other digs at him, the tabloid refers to A-Rod as a "sleazy slugger," "baseball bad boy," and "disgraced jock."

Since the magazine seems to focus more on puns than actual fact-checking, allow Gossip Cop to point out the publications's errors. Far from "fighting" to keep Rodriguez' attention, he seems fairly fixated on his girlfriend. In fact, A-Rod's Instagram account is filled with photos and praise of Lopez. In just the last three days alone, Rodriguez posted a video on Instagram of him and J. Lo working out. And A-Rod also shared a video of him walking hand-in-hand with Lopez backstage at the America Music Awards on Tuesday, along with a gushing caption that reads, "There's nothing this woman can't do. #Limitless."

Does any of this sound like a guy who's looking to "play the field" or "feeling trapped"? And for her part, does it really seem like Lopez is "fighting" for Rodriguez's attention or that she's "at risk of striking out" with him?

Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised that the tabloid's story is off-base. As referenced above, Rodriguez's friends called out the Enquirer for claiming he was cheating and texting an ex while in the early stages of dating Lopez. Much like that article and others, the latest is equally wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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