Jennifer Lopez “Ain’t Your Mama” ‘American Idol’ Video: Watch Series Finale Performance!

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Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale Video

(Courtesy of Fox)

Jennifer Lopez performed her brand-new single “Ain’t Your Mama” on the “American Idol” series finale on Thursday. Watch below!

Lopez announced the new song during a Facebook Live chat on Monday. Asked what to expect from her during the season 15 finale, the superstar said, “It’s going to be very high energy. I’m also debuting a new song called ‘Ain’t Your Mama.'” She then teased a snippet with the lyrics, “I ain’t going to do your laundry/I ain’t your mama.”

The “Idol” farewell served as the track’s debut performance, just hours after it premiered online, along with a lyric video. Interestingly, this is Lopez’s second single with “Ain’t” in the title. The other is her 2001 track “Ain’t It Funny,” which had a chart-topping remix with Ja Rule in 2002.

“Ain’t Your Mama” is Lopez’s first single since last year’s “Feel The Light” from the Home soundtrack. Before that was “Booty” off the 2014 Capitol label record A.K.A. Now Lopez is back with her former label, Epic, though an album has not been officially announced.

Lopez, of course, has performed on “Idol” countless times over the years, including during each of the previous for finales for which she was a judge. In addition to “Ain’t Your Mama,” she now also sang her classic song “Let’s Get Loud.” Check out the full video of the singer’s last-ever performance for “American Idol” below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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