Jennifer Lopez Fake Accent Story NOT True

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Jennifer Lopez Accent

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Accent

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Jennifer Lopez is not speaking with a fake accent, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can correct the absurd story, which comes from one of the tabloids.

“No Comprendo: J.Lo’s Loco New Accent,” reads a headline in Star, which writes, “Did Jenny from the Block somehow become Jenny de la Cuadra? Fans in the audience at one of Jennifer Lopez’s recent All I Have concerts in Vegas were left scratching their heads over her bizarre — and new — Spanish accent.”

One supposed “fan” is quoted as saying, “When she would talk to the crowd between songs, she was speaking with a very heavy Puerto Rican or Spanish accent — it was so weird. Everyone knows Jennifer doesn’t have an accent.”

The magazine goes on to speculate, “Perhaps the NYC native was inspired by Lindsay Lohan’s new fake Russian lilt, or maybe J.Lo is letting her ex effect her affect: The 47-year-old has been with Marc Anthony nonstop as they work on a Spanish-language album… and possibly a reconciliation.”

But the publication is wrong on both main counts. First off, as Gossip Cop has already debunked, Lopez and Anthony are not getting back together. In fact, she’s currently involved with Drake.

Second, and more to the point of this silly story, Lopez does NOT speak with a fake Puerto Rican accent during her concerts. She does, however, speak Spanish during her shows. One would think audience members would be able to distinguish between someone talking in Spanish and someone talking in English with a fake Puerto Rican accent. At no point does the latter occur.

“It’s just so dumb,” one Lopez contact told Gossip Cop of the tabloid’s claims. And, in the superstar’s defense, though she may have been born in the Bronx, she comes from a Puerto Rican background. The suggestion that it’s “bizarre” for her to embrace her heritage and speak in a foreign language, as she’s actually done all her life, is offensive. She had her own hit Spanish album nearly 10 years ago, for heaven’s sake.

Lastly, this story mocking the singer is coming from the same outlet that last year said Lopez was planning a wedding with Casper Smart. Forgive us for having a hard time buying the magazine’s allegations. Clearly, if anyone’s loco here, it’s Star.

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