Jennifer Lawrence “Heartbroken” Suki Waterhouse “Stole” Darren Aronofsky?

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Jennifer Lawrence Suki Waterhouse Darren Aronofsky Story

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lawrence Suki Waterhouse Darren Aronofsky Story

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Jennifer Lawrence is “heartbroken” Suki Waterhouse “stole” Darren Aronofsky from her, according to a completely wrong report. Gossip Cop can debunk this story. There is nothing for Lawrence to be upset over as Waterhouse and Aronofsky are not a couple.

But the cover of Woman’s Day New Zealand features the teaser, “J.Law’s Fury: Suki Stole My Man!” Inside the edition, a headline similarly exclaims, “J.Law’s Heartbreak: Suki Stole My Man!” The basis of the article is the photos of Waterhouse and Aronofsky walking together at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month. They lead the tabloid to conclude that the director is now “dating” his ex-girlfriend’s “bestie.”

The gossip magazine alleges Lawrence is “heartbroken” and “rocked by the news” that Aronofsky and Waterhouse are “hooking up.” The Oscar winner is further described as “humiliated, especially as she was the one who introduced the pair.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Suki used to date Jen’s frequent co-star Bradley Cooper, so they’ve been close pals for years. Jen brought Suki to a dinner in New York last year as a favor, hoping she’d land a movie role.”

“But now it looks like she snagged him as a boyfriend instead,” continues the outlet’s supposed snitch, who further claims, “Jen was shocked to see them together.” The publication asserts that although Lawrence and Aronofsky split last fall, they later “appeared to be giving the relationship another ago.” But now with Waterhouse in the picture, the alleged tipster contends, “All that time, Jen felt like Suki was avoiding her and now she has to wonder if something was going on behind her back.”

Declares the tabloid, “Suki’s betrayal has left a bitter taste.” But it’s readers who are being betrayed here, as they’re being fed misinformation. As already reported, Lawrence and Aronofsky were not back together when they were spotted hanging out last month. And Aronofsky is not now a couple of with Waterhouse.

Multiple publications jumped to the wrong conclusions and made inaccurate assumptions about the pair dating simply because the filmmaker and the model-actress were seen together in star-studded Park City, Utah. Aronofsky’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop that the duo had “no romantic involvement whatsoever,” and even called the rumors “crazy.” Waterhouse’s spokesperson, meanwhile, also confirmed they are in no way a couple.

Now the craziness is continuing with Lawrence wrongly being dragged into what’s a non-issue. Clearly the tabloid’s purported “source” is fake or ill-informed, because otherwise the magazine wouldn’t be claiming to report the actress’ reaction to a coupling that does not exist.

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