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An article purporting to know Jennifer Lawrence's "terrified" reaction to her plane suffering engine failure was made up, Gossip Cop confirms exclusively. Now we can expose how real news was used to create fake news.

On Sunday it was reported that Lawrence was onboard a private jet from Kentucky when the plane experienced engine failure. When the pilot was making an emergency landing, the second engine failed as well. Fortunately, the flight ultimately landed in New York without further incident. A rep for the Oscar winner confirmed she was completely fine.

But after the news broke, HollywoodLife tried to trick readers into thinking something may have actually happened to the actress. "Jennifer Lawrence's Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Failure — Is She OK?" asked the site's headline. The excerpt stated, "This is our worst nightmare realized. While returning from a family trip to Louisville, Kentucky, Jennifer Lawrence's private plane was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing on June 10 due to double engine failure. Is she OK?!"

It was only upon clicking the post and getting to the third paragraph that readers learned Lawrence was unharmed. "You can breathe easy guys, Jennifer is safe and sound," stated the webloid, which grossly and insensitively sensationalized the situation for clicks. Now on Monday, HollywoodLies, as it is known, is further exploiting the incident with a made-up "exclusive" about how she was supposedly feeling during the ordeal.

The headline of the follow-up story announces, "Jennifer Lawrence Was The Most Terrified She's Ever Been During Plane Engine Failure." In the piece, the outlet purports to have inside information on how the mishap "scarred her emotions." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Jennifer was beyond terrified. Somehow she managed to keep relatively cool and calm. She seriously thought she was going to die at one point."

"She's definitely shaken up by the ordeal but it hasn't put her off flying again in the future. She's aware that traveling on the road is still more potentially dangerous than flying," the publication's purported snitch supposedly says. But what HollywoodLies has published here isn't unique information. It's obvious information about how anyone would react in such a situation.

Who wouldn't be terrified? Who wouldn't be shaken up? And of course Lawrence will keep flying in the future. Her job requires it. Gossip Cop is told no one legitimately connected to the star's camp spoke with the site about what happened. Rather, the webloid jumped to obvious conclusions with common assumptions. "It's fake, fake, fake," an actual Lawrence insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively.

And this was done simply to capitalize on the original news story. HollywoodLies pulled the same move in April, following the death of Clay Adler. Lawrence had known him in the early days of her career. After his passing, the outlet pretended to have insight into her reaction to his death. She was "heartbroken," the publication declared, despite acknowledging not having any idea "how close Jennifer and Clay were currently."

In both cases, a few months ago and again now, HollywoodLies took real news and created related fake news. Virtually any time there's a hot topic, the site proclaims to have "exclusive" scoop on the subject. The deception is particularly shameful in these two instances, as they deal with very serious matters. But it's quite apparent the webloid favors clickbait traffic over genuine reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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