James McAvoy Shot Jennifer Lawrence With BB Gun While She Peed Naked (VIDEO)

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By Andrew Shuster |

(Graham Norton Show)

Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which the two recounted an incident on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse involving nudity, peeing, and BB guns. Watch the funny video below!

Lawrence plays blue-skinned mutant Mystique in the upcoming superhero sequel, for which she had to wear blue pantyhose that covered her entire body. “I [couldn’t] sit to pee,” the actress said of her costume. “I can’t do any form of bathroom. The guy who made it was like, ‘Well, she’s a girl. She doesn’t go to the bathroom.'”

Lawrence explained on the “Graham Norton Show” that in order to relieve herself, she had to “pee standing up, out of a funnel.” McAvoy then noted how the cast of the film played an on-set game in which they’d shoot each other with BB guns, so naturally he “burst into her bathroom with a BB gun while she was trying to pee in a funnel.”

“He burst in and started pelting me!” Lawrence exclaimed. McAvoy revealed that co-stars Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult got in on the action as well, to which the actress said, “And it wasn’t fair because we were all shooting each other with guns, but you all were in clothes, and I’m naked!” McAvoy further noted how a nude Lawrence “huddled on the floor” while the actors shot her, to which the actress added, “They’re all ganging up on me and I’m naked!” Watch the funny “Graham Norton Show” video below!


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