Jennifer Lawrence Calls “Mother!” An “Assault” On “Today” Show (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence Mother Today Show

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lawrence Mother Today Show


Jennifer Lawrence described her new film Mother! as an “assault” during an interview on Thursday’s “Today” show. The new movie is directed by her boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky. Watch the video below.

In the thriller, Lawrence plays a married woman who seemingly loses her wits when strangers come to stay with her and her husband. On the morning show, Savannah Guthrie noted one review called it “the most ‘WTF’ movie of the year,” and asked the Oscar winner if she agreed. “Oh, definitely. Of all time,” she replied. Though Lawrence joked about spoiling the film’s allegory, she went on to address whether it’s about environmentalism or humanity.

“It’s everything. Before the movie was called Mother! it was called Day Six. If you know the Bible, God created the world in six days, so to me, it’s the beginning and the end, which we have not reached yet, the end of the universe. In that there’s the creation of man, there’s the creation of religion. The house and I are one organism. I see us as earth,” she explained.

After reading the creepy, intense script, Lawrence said she instinctively threw it away and didn’t want it in her home. “It’s an assault. It’s really assaulting. But that’s what makes it a masterpiece. That’s what makes Darren so brilliant. That’s why I’ve always wanted to work with him,” Lawrence told Guthrie, adding, “Nobody should feel what you see in the movie. It was hard. I had to listen to Christmas music to come out of it.”

Guthrie also observed that some have interpreted the movie as a commentary on fame. Lawrence remarked, “A lot of people have said that. That wasn’t the intention. The intention was the insatiable need of humanity, but I think that does go hand-in-hand with fame. Fame sheds a huge light on that part of people. We feel so entitled to everything.” She went on to admit that she spent years “angry and resentful” over not having privacy, thinking she “deserved the right” to keep some aspects of her life to herself.

“[But] that’s not the way it is. It’s just not,” she learned. “But it’s important to keep a separation and know that the people who are screaming outside of a premiere, they’re screaming because of a job, because of a character… I don’t put any [egotistical] stock into it. I’m grateful for it because without fans, I wouldn’t be able to do my job and do what I love.” But Lawrence is actually now taking a break. She confessed, “I don’t have anything set for two years.” Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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