Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton Keeping Love A Secret?

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Jennifer Lawrence Joel Edgerton Secret Love

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Lawrence Joel Edgerton Secret Love

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A new tabloid story claiming Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton are keeping their “love” a secret is completely false. As Gossip Cop has already noted, the two aren’t dating. We can debunk this latest nonsense surrounding the Red Sparrow co-stars.

Last month, Gossip Cop called out NW for wrongly reporting that Lawrence and Edgerton were a “secret couple” who developed a romance on the set of their new movie. Woman’s Day then published a bogus follow-up story about Lawrence introducing Edgerton to her family. None of this is true, but the unreliable magazine is pushing the false narrative once again.

“J-Law & Joel: How We Kept Our Love A Secret” reads a headline in the latest issue of the tabloid. The accompanying article says the co-stars have been mostly staying under the radar, but guests at the New York premiere of Red Sparrow spotted the two “all over each other” at the film’s afterparty.

“Joel kept leaning in for kisses and laughing as he whispered into her ear,” an alleged insider tells the outlet. “They snuck out early and Jennifer’s car took them back to his hotel suite.” From there, the untrustworthy magazine recycles old claims about Lawrence taking Edgerton out to dinner with her parents and brother. “She gushed to friends the next day they all liked Joel as much as she does,” adds the seemingly phony tipster.

Gossip Cop, however, has been told by sources close to both Lawrence and Edgerton, who weren’t at liberty to comment on the record, that they’re not together. This fake romance was seemingly created because the actress and actor both appear to be single at the moment. The tabloids have a habit of romantically linking co-stars who aren’t dating, and this is one of those cases. In fact, Lawrence confirmed during a recent appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” that she and Edgerton aren’t an item.

Additionally, Woman’s Day can’t keep its stories straight when it comes to Lawrence’s love life. This latest article says the actress has been getting close to Edgerton for quite some time, but just last month, the tabloid alleged Lawrence was “lonely” and pining for ex-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky. The publication’s ongoing saga about the actress’s relationships is pure fiction.