Jennifer Lawrence ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Video 2016 – Watch Interview!

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Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel


Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss her upcoming movie Passengers with Chris Pratt, but mostly discussed how she’s a “huge hypochondriac.” In addition to the interview, she also used spray paint to deface a bus ad with Pratt’s face on it. Check out the video below!

During her interview, Lawrence talked about when she was on the show in 2013 and famously told Kimmel, “My breasts are uneven.” Lawrence recalled how she had been in a doctor’s office for walking pneumonia, just hours before her appearance, and while getting a chest X-ray for her lungs, discovered that her “breasts are uneven.” From that, Lawrence admitted she’s a “huge hypochondriac.” She added that she likes “going to the doctor” and is an “alarmist.”

Lawrence noted she stressed herself out once so much, her intestines were bleeding. After Kimmel told her he had an appendicitis,” she said it was her “dream” to have one. The Oscar-winner even confessed to checking out Google images of bacteria, including giardia. She even showed Kimmel a photo of it on her cellphone.

Kimmel then showed a clip from Passengers, which is set for release on December 21. The talk show host next brought up how while Lawrence and Pratt have been promoting the movie, the actor has posted several pictures of them on social media, but has someway or another blocked or cut off her face on the photos. He even showed several hilarious examples of it.

When Kimmel asked Lawrence if she was going to just take it or do something about it, the actress got up and headed outside the studio to take matters into her own hands. Outside on the street, with a can of spray paint in her hands, Lawrence defaced a bus ad for Passengers with Pratt’s face on it. Kimmel, for his part, also had fun with his spray paint. He covered a couple of key letters in the word “Passengers” to spell “ass,” and added an arrow to Pratt’s face. Kimmel also defaced Pratt’s name to read as just “rat.”

Gossip Cop has video of Lawrence’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel below, as well as footage of her defacing Pratt’s face on a bus ad for Passengers. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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