Jennifer Lawrence Friends NOT Worried Darren Aronofsky Romance Moving Too Fast, Despite Report

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Jennifer Lawrence dating Darren Aronofsky friends

By Holly Nicol |

Jennifer Lawrence dating Darren Aronofsky friends

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Jennifer Lawrence’s friends are NOT worried she is moving too fast with Darren Aronofsky, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim.

According to OK!, close friends of the actress are worried her new romance with movie director Aronofsky is moving too fast. A so-called “source” alleges to the outlet, “Although she was initially reluctant to date Darren, he won her over and she’s really starting to think he could be the man she’s been waiting for.” “It’s turning into something serious, and she’s already told friends that she could actually see herself settling down with him,” adds the magazine’s supposed insider.

The publication further contends Lawrence is “blinded by love,” but her friends fear she’s settling down with “the wrong guy.” Aronofsky, who has two broken engagements behind him, has a reputation as “Hollywood’s Mr. Nasty within the industry,” leaving Lawrence’s closest pals concerned that he could be “equally cut-throat in his personal life.” The actress, however, has “brushed off any doubts and says she wants to lead with her heart,” claims the tabloid’s alleged source. But she’s “more vulnerable than people realize,” purports the magazine’s tipster, adding, “Everyone is just hoping that it works out.”

It’s hard to believe the actress’s closest friends are discussing her relationship with OK!, considering it’s the same tabloid Gossip Cop recently busted for wrongly alleging Lawrence wad drinking heavily over her lack of a love life. And shortly before that tall-tale, we called out the repeatedly discredited publication for falsely claiming Leonardo DiCaprio was looking to date Lawrence. Much like those bogus stories, this latest article is equally untrue. Not only can Gossip Cop personally attest to Aronofsky being a great guy, having hung out with him a number of times, but we can also guarantee no one in Lawrence’s inner circle is blabbing to the magazine about being worried about her romance with the director moving too fast.


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