Jennifer Lawrence NOT Engaged, Despite Report

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Jennifer Lawrence engaged

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lawrence engaged

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Jennifer Lawrence is NOT engaged, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can expose the story for being nothing more than sensational clickbait.

HollywoodLife blares in a headline on Monday, “Jennifer Lawrence Engaged? — Dons Giant Diamond On Ring Finger At X-Men Screening.” The bad blog goes on to dramatically write that while Lawrence “strutted her stuff” during an appearance in London, “we couldn’t help but notice she was wearing a giant ring on her left hand.” The site then asks, “Who gave you the ring, Jennifer Lawrence?”

The webloid says the “huge diamond ring with a gold band” left them “wondering if we had missed something.” “While she’s been romantically connected to co-star Nicholas Hoult, as well as Chris Martin, she’s currently single (as far as we know)! So, what’s with the ring?” wonders HollywoodLies, before adding, “The question remains up in the air right now.”

No, the question is not “up in the air.” There shouldn’t be a question at all. Lawrence and every actress puts on jewelry for red carpet events, and this was no different. There was no hidden meaning, engagement or otherwise, to the ring. It was just simply what the star and her stylist picked out for the screening.

And Gossip Cop ventures that HollywoodLife knew that before running this story. It seems the outlet just wanted to put up an eye-grabbing headline that would make readers think Lawrence could be engaged so that they’d click to read the story. They even went as far blacking out the bauble on its homepage so readers could only see the supposed engagement ring if they clicked into it.

But that’s not all. The site actually admits further down in its article, “So, again we ask, is it just some jewelry? Probably.” But by then, they’ve already tricked readers. Like we said: Total clickbait.

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Jennifer Lawrence is engaged.


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