Jennifer Lawrence And Eddie Redmayne Reveal How Their Families Embarrass Them At Awards Shows (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence Eddie Redmayne Graham Norton

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Lawrence Eddie Redmayne Graham Norton

(Graham Norton Show)

Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne appear on Thursday’s “Graham Norton Show,” where they reveal how their families sometimes embarrass them at awards shows. Watch the funny video below!

Lawrence and Redmayne, who are both Oscar winners, often bring their parents and siblings along with them to an event where they’re up for an award. But Lawrence tells the British talk show host, “I had to kick my brother out from awards season because he tried to arm wrestle Matthew McConaughey… who was not into it.” The actress also explains that the incident occurred a few years back when one of her first films, Winter’s Bone, was released, and adds, “Nobody knew who I was.”

Redmayne says that he brought his mom to the Tony Awards the year he was nominated, but had to give her a talking-to before the show. He amusingly recalls, “I said, ‘Mom, what happens at these things is they come up with cameras and look at your face, so when I don’t win, you can’t look really angry.'” But the actor did win the Tony after all, and explains, “I was so elated, but I had given such a grilling to [my mom] that she just sort of sat there and didn’t react.”

Redmayne then recreates his mom’s stone-faced expression, and jokes, “I was like, ‘Mom, I won!'” For her part, Lawrence also recently revealed on “What What Happens Live” that she smoked weed with her brother before one of the Oscars, quite possibly the year that she won. Watch the funny video below in which Lawrence and Redmayne discuss their families’ awards show etiquette, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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