Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Find A Boyfriend?

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Jennifer Lawrence Dating Disaster

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Disaster

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A story claiming Jennifer Lawrence is in the midst of a “dating disaster” is not true. Gossip Cop can bust this story. Though the actress is currently single, that doesn’t mean she is struggling.

“Inside J-Law’s Dating Disaster After Brutal Breakup With Older Director,” reads the headline of this report from RadarOnline. And there is a falsehood right in the title. Lawrence and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky did not have a “brutal breakup.” On the contrary, they’ve remained friends since splitting up last fall and have praised each other in recent interviews. In fact, Lawrence and Aronofsky have even been seen hanging out in New York since their breakup.

After getting off on that wrong foot, the website alleges Lawrence is “finding it virtually impossible to meet a decent guy” since her relationship with Aronofsky ended. The outlet gives no specifics to substantiate that contention. Instead, the blog quotes a so-called “insider,” who contends, “She’s not doing herself any favors by openly declaring her crushes on guys like Timothee Chalamet or Scott Disick… It sets her up for embarrassment if they’re not interested.” Lawrence has jokingly spoken about having a crush on Chalamet and being a fan of Disick.

But it’s unclear why kidding about her celebrity crushes in interviews, as stars are known to do, would stop her from finding a boyfriend. The Oscar winner’s remarks were made in jest; they weren’t actual attempts to start a relationship with Chalamet or Disick. It’s also strange that the outlet goes on to maintain Lawrence is “striking out on the dating circuit” and is a “dating disaster” while its purported source maintains the actress is “staying positive.” Where, then, is the “disaster”?

It seems as if the site just wanted to try to exploit Lawrence by manufacturing a story that tries to capitalize on her single status and her recent comments about certain famous men. The real “disaster” is RadarOnline’s track record when it comes to reporting on the Red Sparrow star. In 2016, Gossip Cop busted the online publication for prematurely claiming Lawrence and Aronofsky’s relationship had ended. It was nearly a year later before they actually split.

And in 2015, the website falsely suggested Lawrence had a “secret hook-up” with Bradley Cooper when they were seen leaving the same hotel after their movie Serena premiered. Through the years, the blog has shown that its Lawrence “insiders” are either woefully misinformed or perhaps nonexistent. The site’s archives are filled with stories like these, that are provably untrue and unsupported by evidence. Perhaps that’s why a Lawrence confidante now tells Gossip Cop this latest tale is little more than “clickbait.”

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