Jennifer Lawrence On A ‘Comeback Diet’?

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Jennifer Lawrence attends the 12th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Liberty State Park

By Laura Broman |

Jennifer Lawrence attends the 12th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Liberty State Park

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Jennifer Lawrence is not on a so-called “comeback diet,” despite what one tabloid is claiming this week. The story is totally false. Gossip Cop knows the truth.

A recent article published in In Touch claims that as Lawrence’s year-long hiatus from acting comes to a close, she is getting on a diet to be screen-ready. According to a so-called “insider” close to the actress, Lawrence “was complaining that she’s going back to work and will have to start watching her diet again” while out to dinner with her husband Cooke Maroney. “She said she was dreading it and that it’s her least favorite part of the job,” the mysterious source continues. Lawrence has allegedly spent her time off “soaking in NYC” and exploring its “great restaurants” with Maroney, “hence her panic over losing weight.”

The claim made in this story is laughable. First of all, how did this source, whose very existence is a bit questionable, hear Lawrence saying these things while she was supposedly dining one-on-one with her husband? Was this alleged “insider” hiding under the table? This supposed conversation seems entirely fabricated for the purposes of pushing this rumor. Second of all, Lawrence’s acting hiatus ended almost a full year ago when she announced she had signed on to act in an upcoming film for A24 last April. She has since begun and completed production for that film, titled Red, White and Water. In Touch missed the boat to make judgments on Lawrence’s hiatus and eating habits by about 11 months.

Despite how clearly ridiculous this story already is, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Lawrence who, unlike the tabloid’s shady insider, is qualified to speak on the actress’s behalf. Her rep dismisses the story as “sickening,” which is an apt description of the tabloid media’s ceaseless desire to comment on Lawrence’s body. The actress isn’t “dreading” returning to an on-camera diet. One, she’s already back on camera, and two, that wasn’t a thing in the first place.

Lawrence has endured a lot of phony tabloid stories directed at her personal and professional life over the years. OK! seems particularly interested in publishing these false claims. In recent months, Gossip Cop has busted stories from that tabloid alleging that Lawrence was annoying her co-stars by being a “bridezilla” during her engagement, that her friendship with actress Emma Stone was over, and that she refuses to act in a movie unless she gets a massive paycheck. These absurd reports were nothing more than pure fantasy.


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