Jennifer Lawrence: There’s Been “No Sex” With Bradley Cooper!

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Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Couple

By Daniel Gates |

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Couple

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have a very simple solution to keeping their on-screen collaborations successful: They don’t have an off-screen romance. On Saturday, at a premiere event in New York for their new movie Serena, Lawrence told reporters that “no sex” is the secret ingredient to their professional pairing.

The stars have worked together on Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Serena, and they’re reuniting for the upcoming Joy. At Saturday’s Cinema Society screening, Cooper noted, “I respect her so much as a professional, as an actor, and I think she’s the best there is. And I just learn from her. You always want to work with people that are better than you.”

Lawrence said she feels the same way about Cooper, whom she considers her work spouse. “I forced him to come onto the movie,” said the actress. “I mean, any male role is going to make me think of Bradley because in my opinion, he’s the best, and I love working with him.” Their friendship has other areas of common ground. “We’re both two of the biggest eaters in Hollywood,” declared Lawrence.

For years, tabloids have tried to link Lawrence and Cooper in a real-life romance, and Gossip Cop has consistently shot down those rumors. We’re sure the speculation will continue as long as the two stars continue to make movies together, but it would be nice if certain outlets would actually listen to what Lawrence and Cooper say about the matter.


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