Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Feuding and “Not Speaking”?

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Bradley Coopeer Jennifer Lawrence Fight

By Daniel Gates |

Bradley Coopeer Jennifer Lawrence Fight

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are “not speaking,” claims a new Star report, which alleges the frequent co-stars are in some kind of fight or feud “in the wake of the bad press surrounding their new movie, Serena.” Gossip Cop can bust this sensational, off-base story.

“They’re preparing for a real flop,” explains a so-called “insider” for Star. “It was released already on demand and in Europe and did terribly.” According to the magazine, “The stress of having a turkey on their hands has taken its toll on their formerly electric chemistry.”

The Star source goes on to say of Lawrence and Cooper, “Their flirtatious friendship has disappeared. Nobody knows exactly why.” With the two stars starting work on the new project Joy, “The tension between Jennifer and Bradley is apparent to everyone,” alleges the outlet. Star describes their on-set relationship was “frosty.”

It’s true that Serena turned out to be less successful as a project than Lawrence and Cooper’s collaborations Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. And that’s pretty much the only true thing in the Star report. Lawrence and Cooper aren’t blaming each other for the movie’s disappointing reception, they’re not fighting or feuding on the set of Joy, and the idea that they’re “not speaking” is pure tabloid drivel.

Reps for both stars say there’s no truth to the report. Gossip Cop looks forward to Star pretending it never reported on Lawrence and Cooper not speaking when the two happily co-promote Joy in the future.


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