Jennifer Lawrence And Olivia Munn Have Hilarious Mix-Up At “The Big Lebowski” Live Script Reading (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lawrence Big Lebowski Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lawrence Big Lebowski Video

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Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Munn hilariously messed up at a live reading of The Big Lebowski on Friday. Check out the video below!

The X-Men: Apocalypse co-stars joined some of their fellow cast members, as well as other stars like Dennis Quaid, Mae Whitman, Patton Oswalt, and Mike Judge at the event in Montreal. The gathering was hosted by Jason Reitman, who has held similar readings in Los Angeles. This new installment was in conjunction with the Just For Laughs Festival.

Fassbender had the lead role of The Dude, and was seated next to Lawrence, who was playing Maude Lebowski. Taking her seat on stage, the Oscar winner amusingly wondered if the audience could see up her skirt. When it came time for Lawrence to act out her part, however, Munn mistakenly read the lines.

A script screw-up had inadvertently led to Munn having the wrong pages, where Lawrence’s lines were highlighted. Fassbender was up to some hijinks of his own, leading Lawrence to hilariously exclaim in response to the unscripted drama, “I’ve been waiting three hours to get to my part and now it’s happening and it’s all falling to shreds!” Munn was actually portraying Bunny, Tara Reid’s part in the 1998 comedy.

Lawrence was stepping in for Julianne Moore, and Fassbender, of course, was taking over for Jeff Bridges. Audio recorded at the event captured many of the funny highlights. Oswalt shared the above photo afterward, joking on Twitter, “Probably shouldn’t leak I’m playing ‘Young Blob’ in X-MEN APOCALYPSE but oh well.” Listen to part of the script reading below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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