Jennifer Hudson Twitter Hacked

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Jennifer Hudson Twitter Hacked

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Hudson Twitter Hacked

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Jennifer Hudson’s Twitter was hacked on Monday morning by an unidentified person.

Hudson’s account, “@IAMJHUD,” began sending out strange messages, and while it then seemed like the singer had quickly gotten control back, that was not actually the case. The hacker ended up duping fans by retweeting supportive messages, making them think it was Hudson at the helm. But a number of the star’s collaborators took to their own Twitter pages to set the record straight.

“Everyone this is not @IAMJHUD tweeting we are working on taking her Twitter back,” posted one member of Hudson’s production team. But the hacker continued to retweet dozens of fans, further confusing the situation. One user with the name @Craftybeotch even quipped, “@IAMJHUD needs two step verification on her account or a better password at least #Round2.”

Another follower, @fxckyeahcool, pleaded with the hacker, “Lmao can you just stop bruh? It’s not funny anymore! Give the account back to Jennifer!” An angry @PRINCESIRDRE posted, “I HAD TO TURN OFF RETWEETS AND MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS FROM @IAMJHUD SINCE HER ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED BY SOME IGNORANT PERSON.” He also felt bad for Hudson’s following, noting, “All her fans thinking Shes re tweeting them….. #SorryFolksItsNotHer.”

@kaikidance also commented, “You know this @IAMJHUD hack has been going on for HOURS now. @twitter a little help here? Although the fans that think it’s her are funny.” As of this posting, Hudson’s camp still hasn’t regained control of the account.

UPDATE: All the retweets have been deleted. Around 2 p.m. Eastern, Hudson posted the following on Instagram…

Wait what?!! …… Thank Yal for knowing me better than that ! Not my style at all!

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