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Jennifer Hudson NOT “At War” With “The Voice” Executives, Despite Report

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Jennifer Hudson The Voice JHud Productions

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Hudson The Voice JHud Productions


A certain webloid is seemingly obsessed with falsely painting Jennifer Hudson as a problematic “diva” on “The Voice,” which is why there’s a new article claiming she’s “at war” with the reality show’s executives. But Gossip Cop can confirm this story is just as untrue as what came before it.

RadarOnline is misleadingly blaring in a headline on Thursday, “Jennifer At WAR With ‘The Voice’ Execs For Using Show To Promote Her Own Company!” According to the accompany story, Hudson has “become an absolute nightmare for executives,” and is “at war with her bosses after being told that she is not welcomed back!” As Gossip Cop already debunked, however, when the webloid tried claiming it the first time, Hudson has not been fired from the NBC competition. It was known a while ago she would not be one of the coaches next season, in part because she’s returning for another cycle of “The Voice UK.”

But the site wants readers to think something sinister is going down, and so it points to Hudson’s references on the show and social media to “JHud Productions.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “The higher-ups at NBC told Jennifer that she needs to stop using ‘The Voice’ platform to promote and plug JHud Productions.” But, contends RadarOnline, “instead of following her bosses orders, Hudson fired back with a shocking Instagram post – plugging her production company while clearly seated in her judges chair on The Voice!” In the caption, which is attached to an NBC promo clip of contestants who have been on her team, she wrote, “Here at #Jhudproductions we take care of our own! @nbcthevoice.”

The outlet has interpreted this as an act of self-promotion, assuming Hudson is trying to flaunt a production company. That couldn’t be more wrong. While Hudson does own the trademark for “JHud Productions,” when she uses the phrase in connection with the show, she’s referring to her team, which is called “Team JHud,” just as it is on the British version. She’s not referring to an actual production company and she’s not trying to entice anyone to join some kind of business. It’s merely a fun gimmick, just like Miley Cyrus has spent much of this season talking about making “#Herstory” with female team members.

And though the online publication is wrong with all of its assertions thus far, it still goes on to wrongly attack Hudson further, with the supposed snitch claiming, “It is no longer a secret that there is mad drama behind the scenes. Jennifer is just a horrific person and the other coaches learned that best way to deal with her is just to avoid her. Jennifer knows that Miley doesn’t like her and that Miley and Blake are constantly talking [expletive] about her behind her back.”

“She also knows that there is no way in hell that she is ever being asked to come back. Luckily she just keeps to herself when the camera isn’t on her,” contends this alleged tipster. But given that “The Voice” hasn’t filmed since September 1 and won’t go live until next week, it makes zero sense for this specious “source” to be alleging there’s current “drama” and bad-mouthing going on with the other coaches. Gossip Cop has also previously disproven made-up contentions about Hudson clashing with Cyrus and Shelton. In actuality, Hudson and Cyrus have become rather close, and Hudson just gushed about Shelton’s music on Instagram two days ago.

Gossip Cop isn’t sure why the webloid has taken to publishing mean-spirited story after mean-spirited story about Hudson, but it actually reminds us of when the site spent years wrongly attacking Christina Aguilera while she was a coach on the series. Similar to now, the outlet repeatedly tried to paint Aguilera as a “diva” who was hated by her co-stars and the crew, despite all evidence to the contrary. Hudson is apparently the publication’s new target, but as long as RadarOnline keeps running provable falsehoods, we’ll continue calling them out.

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