Jennifer Hudson NOT “Booted” From “The Voice,” Despite Report

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Jennifer Hudson Booted The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Hudson Booted The Voice

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Jennifer Hudson has not been “booted” from “The Voice,” despite a rumor making the rounds. Gossip Cop can explain how a tabloid is copying untrue allegations from its online sister outlet, but changing them slightly to deceptively seem like a new report.

Nearly a month ago, RadarOnline falsely alleged Hudson was “at war” with executives from “The Voice” over supposedly using the reality show to promote her own company. The site further claimed the Oscar winner was told she would not be “welcomed back” at the NBC competition for another season. The online publication was wrong on both counts. Hudson is returning to “The Voice” UK for its 2018 season, making it impossible to do the next cycle of the U.S. program. In addition, the webloid was either ignorant to the real meaning of “JHud Productions” or purposefully twisted it to make it seem like Hudson was plugging a separate business on the series when she was actually using her team’s nickname.

Now, despite those fatal flaws disproving RadarOnline’s allegations, its print counterpart, the National Enquirer, is spreading the same misinformation weeks later. The tabloid, however, is doing so with a new headline, announcing on its website, “Jennifer Hudson: Greedy Coach Booted From ‘The Voice.'” That remains untrue. As noted above, she can’t stay on the show due to the schedule overlap with “The Voice UK.” And on top of it being logistically impossible for the singer to do both editions, it was also already known season 14 would feature Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys, as opposed to Hudson and Miley Cyrus.

But rather then telling the truth, the gossip magazine is asserting, “The show producers and NBC brass are furious at the singer for using the reality competition to push her own company — and are giving her the boot!” Does the outlet have any new information to show these accusations are now true? No. On the contrary, the National Enquirer is repurposing the old quotes from the webloid with slight word changes in an attempt to dupe readers. For instance, in the original story, a so-called “source” claimed Hudson was told she “needs to stop using ‘The Voice’ platform to promote and plug JHud Productions.” In this new version, it’s a supposed “insider” purportedly saying she “needs to stop using ‘The Voice’ platform to plug JHud Productions.”

The reworked quote cut out “promote.” Similarly, a subsequent quote went from “She also knows that there is no way in hell that she is ever being asked to come back” to “Jennifer knows there’s no way in hell she’s being asked to come back!” These word changes, as small as they may seem, are actually significant. No real “source” or “insider” would give the same statements to two different outlets, but alter the phrasing like that. What really happened is RadarOnline manufactured the quotes initially, and now its sister publication is trying to pass them off as new by swapping a few words.

This scheme doesn’t change the fundamental facts: Hudson was not “booted” from “The Voice.” She is simply not appearing on the next season because she was already committed to the U.K. series, and the U.S. show swapped its female coaches, as has become the norm. She is not using “The Voice” to “push her own company,” but merely amusingly reiterating what has become one of her catchphrases for her team throughout the season. The two publications are either not that familiar with the show, or purposefully chose to misrepresent what is going on for the sake of a scandalous narrative. Any real “source” or “insider” would know these allegations are false, as a rep confirms to Gossip Cop. And spreading the same wrongs two different ways doesn’t make them right.

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