Jennifer Garner NOT Upset About Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick Bonding

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Jennifer Garner Upset Ben Affleck Anna Kendrick

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Upset Ben Affleck Anna Kendrick

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Jennifer Garner is NOT upset about Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick bonding during a press appearance, despite a silly report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

A headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry reads, “Jennifer Garner Outraged: Ben Affleck Overly Flirty And Touchy With Anna Kendrick — His New Muse?” It’s said in the accompanying story, “Ben Affleck apparently got very flirty and touchy with his young co-star on the red carpet recently, leaving Jennifer Garner completely outraged over his behavior. The Hollywood actor got rather handsy with his ‘The Accountant’ co-star Anna Kendrick during a photo call for the film this week.”

“Looking flustered and even sweaty, Ben Affleck for some reason got down on one knee while appearing to flirt with his 31-year-old co-star,” continues the site. “Looking rather uncomfortable, Anna tried to pull him back with her body language, clearly signaling that she didn’t expect Ben to behave the way he did.”

The webloid goes on, “While there’s no doubt that Ben and Anna have a good rapport, these photos are no doubt going to spark ire in Jennifer Garner. The last thing she needs to see is Ben openly flirting with another woman on the red carpet. Sure, Jennifer and Ben might be separated, but they are still married and raising their three kids together at home.”

“Was Ben trying to make moves on Anna in front of the press?” asks the outlet. “Is he no longer hiding the fact that he’s to move on from his controlling ex-wife Jennifer Garner? Does Ben himself even know what he’s doing?”

Of course, CDL doesn’t know the answers to its own questions. If the site did, it never would’ve run this story in the first place. Affleck was not “flirting” with Kendrick. He was merely being affable as they posed for the cameras at the film’s premiere.

Co-stars generally try to show they have a connection, something an actress like Garner understands. There was nothing to be “outraged” about, and no reason for the pictures to “spark ire” in her. This is merely a webloid trying to create a scandal where there is none.

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