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Jennifer Garner remains one of Hollywood's most likeable stars. She sells movies and magazine covers, something that is not lost on the tabloids. As a result, the gossip media tends to use the actress for a lot of made-up stories. Gossip Cop is taking a look at five recent rumors about Garner below.

In mid-April, RadarOnline announced Liam Neeson was "taken" with Garner, who was deemed his "ultimate dream woman." The website quoted a so-called "insider," who maintained the "fascination" was "mutual." Claimed this supposed source, "They are flirting with the idea of going on an actual date." Of course, the stars have yet to be seen together, and fans shouldn't be hoping they'll step out on a red carpet any time soon. A rep for Neeson exclusively told Gossip Cop that the romance report was complete "B.S."

Just days later, the site's sister publication, OK!, published a crazy story claiming Garner was pregnant, and the father might be estranged husband Ben Affleck, Love, Simon co-star Josh Duhamel or a "mystery man." In highly suspicious language, an alleged "source" maintained, "There's talk in Jen's circle that she could be expecting. The rumor is that she's in the early stages and still deciding how to handle the situation." This "talk," however, was all wrong. A rep for Garner had already confirmed to Gossip Cop that she wasn't involved with anyone, and that was backed up by "Entertainment Tonight," which reported Garner has "little interest" in dating. There was no secret relationship and no pregnancy.

Meanwhile, NW wanted readers to believe Garner and Affleck were giving their marriage "another shot." A purported "source" claimed the actor was "hanging onto the hope that they'll get back together," while she'd "love for them to be a family again." The outlet even went as far as claiming they had decided to "revive their marriage." But this wasn't the least bit factual. Though People reported that the dynamic between Affleck and Garner was "pretty good" one year after their divorce filing, they had no intention of reconciling romantically. On the contrary, their friendly relationship is to benefit their kids, and Affleck remains committed to girlfriend Lindsay Shookus.

The National Enquirer recently opted to go in a somewhat different direction, alleging Garner was spending time with Affleck to get him "back into shape." But the publication insisted she had ulterior motive, contending she was "getting a kick out of controlling his workouts and diet" after he "wrecked their marriage with his boozing, gambling and cheating." While boasting that she was "enjoying watching him suffer," the tabloid's "insider" also claimed Garner was doing Affleck a "favor," since he needed to slim down to play Batman again. As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, Affleck isn't even sure if he'll be suiting up as Batman again, and while he's been seen working out with Shookus, he and Garner are more likely to be spotted with their kids at church.

Most recently, OK! abandoned its pregnancy narrative last week for a piece claiming Garner was heartbroken over Duhamel getting supposedly cozy with Megan Fox. Here, the magazine maintained the "Alias" star was dealing with another "romantic letdown" because the actor was more interested in Fox than her. But Gossip Cop had already debunked untrue claims of a blossoming relationship between both pairs, and Garner and Duhamel themselves even laughed off rumors about them dating. The outlet was now trying to make a love triangle, even though Duhamel wasn't involved with her or with the married Fox. This angle was just as fictitious as Garner's nonexistent pregnancy.

Though Garner is happily single as she raises three children and continues her successful career, the gossip media still prefers to focus on her love life. That apparently means putting her into phony relationships, love triangles, pregnancies and reunions. These scenarios rarely resemble reality, and, as explained above, there's usually plenty of readily available evidence to disprove them. Fans should keep that in mind the next time these tabloids are on display.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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