Ben Affleck is a hot topic in Hollywood and beyond right now as the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal continues to unfold. Because of that, a certain webloid is trying to capitalize on all the attention surrounding Affleck, who has been accused of improprieties, with a fake news story about Jennifer Garner's reaction to the "drama." Gossip Cop can expose what's going on.

There's little HollywoodLife seems to like more than taking a popular subject and crafting manufactured narratives around it. Since there's a lot of interest in Affleck right now, the site wants to seize any potential related traffic. And so it apparently made up an article titled, "Jennifer Garner 'Heartbroken' Over Ben Affleck Drama — 'Worried For Their Children.'" The blog proclaims it "EXCLUSIVELY learned" she's "not happy" about the "recent scandals" involving her "ex-husband." Of course, if the outlet had real insight, it would know Affleck is not Garner's "ex-husband." Though they've both filed for divorce, they are still legally married.

Still, the online publication quotes a purported "source" as saying, "Jen is heartbroken over Ben's situation and all of the horrible things that are being said about him. Jen is worried for their children and especially their daughters. She is doing her best to teach the kids that their father is a good man but still everyone is human and we all make mistakes sometimes." The supposed snitch adds, "Jen fears that Ben's reckless past may haunt their children," and asserts, "Jen is embarrassed for Ben but also not surprised."

Here's the catch: While all that may sound plausible and logical, Gossip Cop is told that no one legitimately close to Garner is sharing her feelings, one way or another, with this webloid. And, really, the site's track record speaks for itself. Our favorite example is from June, when HollywoodLies actually wrongly debunked a TRUE story about Garner and Affleck going on a Caribbean vacation together with their kids. And who can forget how, in 2015, the site repeatedly claimed Garner was pregnant with her fourth baby?

Flubs like that not only show that HollywoodLies doesn't have the inside access that it claims, but the egregious mistakes and tendencies to fabricate are exactly why many stars' camps actually don't want to deal with the outlet. Consequently, though, the publication then just pretends to have "exclusives," and the cycle repeats. It's not irrational for Garner to be "heartbroken" amid Affleck's "drama." But we're told no one in her inner circle is saying that to this blog.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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