Jennifer Garner Pregnant With New Boyfriend John Miller’s Baby?

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant

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Jennifer Garner is not pregnant with her new boyfriend John Miller’s baby, despite a speculative tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We’re told the claim is 100 percent not true.

According to The Globe, while the “ink isn’t even dry on her divorce” from Ben Affleck, there’s allegedly talk “Garner is already preggers with another dude’s baby.” Without any proof whatsoever, the supermarket tabloid asserts that while Garner and Miller, the CEO of CaliBurger, insist they’re just “casually dating,” the rumor is the actress is “knocked up, and that’s the reason she suddenly finalized her divorce from Affleck.” To give the impression that it somehow has credible information, the often discredited magazine quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Jen has been wearing loose-fitting clothing lately and it’s got people wondering if she could be hiding a baby bump.”

The same source, who purposely used vague words like “wondering” and “could be,” contends Garner is “glowing” and “would be delighted to have another child on the way.” The questionable tipster adds rather unsurely, “If Jen is ready to start a family with John, then she wouldn’t want to wait any longer.” Allow Gossip Cop to point out why the supposed “insider” is not to be trusted. If indeed this person had inside information, he or she would not have said, for example, “it’s got people wondering” or “if Jen is ready to start a family.” That individual would know definitively whether or not Garner is pregnant with another baby.

Additionally, the magazine somewhat contradicts itself. It maintains Garner’s alleged pregnancy is “the reason she suddenly finalized her divorce.” But a few sentences later it says if the actress wants to have more kids, “she wouldn’t want to wait any longer.” If she were in such a rush to get pregnant, it wouldn’t matter if her divorce from Affleck was finalized a few days ago or down the road.

The habitually disproven publication ends its flimsy article with its purported “insider” offering, “Now the door is open for [Garner and Miller] to settle down together.” But Garner and Miller are not seriously dating. And they most assuredly are not expecting a baby together.

Unlike the Globe, whose supposed source couched every phrase with iffy language because he or she doesn’t really know whether Garner is actually pregnant, Gossip Cop can assure you she is not. A mutual acquaintance of ours and the 46-year-old actress tells us in no uncertain terms she not carrying Miller’s baby. It bears mentioning, five years ago Garner herself even told Ellen DeGeneres she was done having kids.

Of course, we’re not entirely surprised by the falsity of the tabloid’s latest story. Its sister publications have repeatedly reported wrongly that Garner is pregnant. In July, Gossip Cop busted Star for claiming Garner was having another baby with Affleck. And three months before that, we debunked an article that absurdly alleged Garner was pregnant with Josh Duhamel’s baby.


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