Jennifer Garner NOT Pregnant Nor Is Ben Affleck “Divorce Off,” Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant Divorce Off

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Pregnant Divorce Off

(Life and Style)

Jennifer Garner is NOT pregnant nor is her “divorce off,” despite a new tabloid cover story falsely claiming she and Ben Affleck have reunited. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

The allegations come from Life & Style, which has spent months creating a false saga. The magazine previously said the couple was reconciling last September. In December it was claimed Affleck and Garner were trying to have a baby to “save” their marriage. A February installment said the marriage was “back on.” And in March it was alleged they were “trying for baby No. 4.”

Naturally, that brings us to Wednesday’s new edition, which announces, “Friends Say: JEN’S PREGNANT” and “THE DIVORCE IS OFF!” Those statements are both outright lies, aided by a deceptive cover photo. The magazine chose to run an old picture of Affleck with his arm around Garner, as if it was recently taken.

The accompanying story states, “Ten months after announcing they were ending their 10-year marriage, Ben and Jen have called off their divorce — and pals believe there’s a happy reason for the reconciliation: Baby No. 4 is on the way!” (Sound familiar?) A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Their friends are expecting an announcement very soon that Jen is pregnant.”

Well, those supposed pals are going to be waiting a very long time. Like indefinitely. A rep for Garner confirms to Gossip Cop she is neither pregnant nor calling off her divorce from Affleck. Gossip Cop now looks forward to correcting the next twist in Life & Style’s made-up Garner-Affleck fantasy story.



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