Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Ben Affleck’s Baby?

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant Ben Affleck Baby

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Garner Pregnant Ben Affleck Baby


Jennifer Garner is NOT pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby boy, despite a completely fabricated tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told she’s not pregnant.

According to OK!, the estranged spouses “began hooking up occasionally a while ago,” and have now decided to call off their divorce. The tabloid’s so-called “insider” claims the pair wasn’t intentionally planning to conceive a child, but now that Garner is supposedly expecting, the exes are giving their marriage a second chance.

The magazine’s dubious source adds, “They see such a turn of events as the clearest sign that they shouldn’t give up on their romance just yet.” The outlet’s alleged “insider” adds, “A baby could be a big challenge, but they’re excited to tackle everything together now.”

Irrespective of how many times Gossip Cop has debunked various tabloid rumors about Garner and Affleck supposedly having a baby to save their marriage, we still checked in a source close to the actress, who assures us she isn’t pregnant. Gossip Cop is exclusively told the tabloid’s tale of a reconciliation and baby is simply “not true” at all.

In fact, OK! seemingly recycled this bogus report from its almost identical September 2015 cover story, which Gossip Cop debunked. The magazine previously blared “Jen & Ben Pregnant!” on its cover, along with the sub-headline, “Divorce called off after unplanned baby.” Sound familiar? Obviously, time has proven that Garner wasn’t pregnant eight months ago, and nothing has changed since.

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Jennifer Garner is pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby.


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