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Jennifer Garner is not "pregnant and alone," despite a new tabloid cover story. The claim, published on Wednesday, is 100 percent fake news. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the truth.

The new cover of OK! falsely announces, "Jen Pregnant & Alone! And The Nanny Is Back!" The article inside the issue purports to include "secrets of the split" in the wake of Garner filing for divorce from Ben Affleck. Specifically, the publication contends there are "rumors flying" that Affleck is not only back in touch with former nanny Christine Ouzounian, but Garner is "pregnant with twins." Of course, those "rumors" were started by the tabloid itself, but we'll get to that.

A so-called "source" now claims to the gossip magazine that the estranged spouses intended to divorce "amicably," but "the fact that Jen is said to be expecting twins throws a bit of a monkey wrench into the situation." Indeed, "news of the pregnancy is a total shock," maintains the outlet's supposed snitch. According to the outlet, Garner's "inner circle" is "buzzing that Jen could be nearing the end of her first trimester."

As for the assertion on the publication's cover that Garner is "alone," the "source" in the story actually insists Affleck will "of course be helping her," and they're "still going to be coparents." In fact, the tabloid alleges the supposed pregnancy is why Affleck went to rehab earlier this year, but OK! also warns that "disaster has come courting once again," because Ouzounian is allegedly "blowing up" his phone. The tabloid ultimately concedes that the actor "has yet to respond" to the supposed overtures, but that's not the only concession the magazine should be making.

OK! should be admitting that it's entire cover story is fake news. While it's true, as Gossip Cop has reported, that Garner filed for divorce from Affleck, all the other contentions here are made up. Garner is absolutely not pregnant with twins, or expecting even just one baby, despite the tabloid previously trying to peddle that lie earlier this month.

So what we have now is the magazine regurgitating its previous untruths, and tacking on more falsehoods to a premise that's already been debunked. Gossip Cop even busted OK! sister publication National Enquirer for its fake news story about Affleck and Ouzounian texting. It is certainly not a sign of robust reporting that those similarly false claims are being published again here.

As if those red flags weren't enough to ring alarm bells, consider the tabloid's track record. Gossip Cop has, quite honestly, lost count of all the times the outlet has wrongly said in the last two years that Garner is pregnant or adopting and/or reconciling with Affleck. Heck, back in 2015, before the couple even split, we pointed out that Garner did not have a baby nine months after one of the notorious "pregnant" cover stories.

That's the kind of accuracy, or lack thereof, we're dealing with here. Time keeps proving Gossip Cop correct while exposing the magazine's stories as made up. Rest assured the same will happen with this latest cover story. Gossip Cop is exclusively told, once again, that Garner is not pregnant. Our impeccable source points out that Garner is focused on the three children she currently has, not on expanding her family with her estranged husband. "It's definitely not true," our rock-solid source says of the cover story. An Affleck insider also assures Gossip Cop there are no twins, or even just one baby, on the horizon.

It's also important to note the magazine's cover photo of Garner looking distressed, used to bolster its "pregnant & alone" claim, is actually a picture of her in character for her upcoming film, The Tribes of Palos Verdes. The tabloid, however, disgustingly used the snapshot sans context just to sell copies. That's the epitome of fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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