Jennifer Garner Was Never “Pregnant And Alone” A Year Ago, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant Alone

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Jennifer Garner Pregnant Alone

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Jennifer Garner was never “pregnant and alone,” despite a false report from one year ago that claimed the actress was expecting another child. Not only hasn’t Garner given birth to any more children, but she also hasn’t dated anyone since her 2015 split from Ben Affleck. A full 12 months have now passed and once again time has proven Gossip Cop’s reporting was 100 percent spot-on.

On April 26, 2017, we busted an OK! cover story that wrongly asserted Garner was “pregnant and alone” (see below). In the article, the publication maintained the actress was carrying twins. The tabloid even quoted a so-called “source” as saying, “[It] throws a bit of a monkey wrench” into her divorce from Affleck. That same alleged “insider” further contended, “The news of [her] pregnancy is a total shock,” but Garner’s “inner circle is buzzing that Jen could be nearing the end of her first trimester.”At the time, the magazine was unable to provide any specific details about Garner’s purported pregnancy, and the reason was because the entire report was fake news.

Garner, of course, was not pregnant with twins or even just one baby in the past year, despite the claim in April 2017 that she was “nearing the end of her first trimester.” Had she been expecting, the actress would have given birth last fall. And as one can see in this photo of Garner from October of last year while she was out-and-about in Los Angeles, she definitely wasn’t sporting a baby bump.

Additionally, and as Gossip Cop noted above, Garner hasn’t even dated anyone or even had an interest in a new relationship since her split from Affleck. She told reporters at an event just a few months ago that she hasn’t “been on a date” since her breakup, adding, “People want to set me up and I am just like, ‘No thank you!'” And earlier this month, “Entertainment Tonight” reported Garner wants the next person she dates to be “in it for the long run,” but she isn’t rushing back into the dating scene. “She wants to be very careful and very selective… because of the kids,” shared the entertainment show.

Now, a full year has passed since OK! peddled its fake news about Garner being pregnant, and there’s no baby. We were exclusively told at the time by Garner’s camp that it was “definitely not true.” That remains to be the case 365 days later. And while it’s bad enough that the tabloid deceived consumers who bought the magazine and visitors who read its untrue story online, Gossip Cop feels it’s equally wrong that the publication has not issued a correction or apology for its false report.

Jennifer Garner Pregnant



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