Jennifer Garner is NOT filing for divorce from Ben Affleck yet, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the sensational report.

The new cover of Star falsely announces, "Jen Finally Ends It!" Inside the issue, a headline declares, "Ben & Jen: Point Of No Return." It's further said, "They've reconciled more than once since announcing their split in 2015, but after giving him plenty of second chances, Jennifer Garner is finally ready to divorce Ben Affleck."

Of course, the estranged spouses have never "reconciled" since their separation nearly two years ago. But the tabloid has flip-flopped again and again on the status of the former couple's marriage. Now in this latest tale, it's alleged "the roller coaster has finally derailed," and, "following a blowout fight, Jen is finally ready to pull the plug and move ahead with a divorce."

The supposed "nasty fight" allegedly took place last month. A so-called "insider" is quoted as telling the magazine, "It was like they were both ready to unload all of their frustration and anger that had been building up over the past couple of weeks." It's claimed the former couple argued over Affleck supposedly putting himself before Garner and the family. "Jen's had it up to here with Ben's drama. She wants out," a "friend" contends to the publication.

Of course, this is all coming from the same outlet that falsely said Garner and Affleck renewed their vows last November. That cover story even wrongly claimed the actress was "pregnant again." It's telling that the (made-up) pregnancy isn't mention anywhere in this new cover story about a divorce.

As Star swings back and forth from one extreme to another, the tabloid remains wrong about it all. Nothing has changed between Garner and Affleck: They didn't renew their vows, but they're not imminently divorcing either. Gossip Cop is exclusively told that while they have ups and downs, they remain close and their friendly co-parenting dynamic continues with no major changes.

We've also learned that no "fight" took place, and that, as per usual, the magazine didn't bother to reach out to vet its claims before publishing them. It is certainly conceivable Garner or Affleck will eventually file for divorce. But that's still not happening just yet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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