Jennifer Garner NOT “Begging” Ben Affleck To “Silence Bitter Ex” Jennifer Lopez, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Lopez Ben Affleck Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Lopez Ben Affleck Divorce

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Jennifer Garner is NOT “begging” Ben Affleck to “silence bitter ex” Jennifer Lopez, despite a ludicrous report that gets only more ridiculous as it goes on. Gossip Cop can bust the nonsense.

According to RadarOnline, Garner is “upset” with Lopez for supposedly “meddling in her life and with her now-failed marriage” to Affleck. The webloid quotes a “source” as saying, “Jen is furious at J. Lo. Jen is certain she’s is [sic] the one who keeps coming out and saying stuff about her divorce from Ben.”

To be clear: RadarOnline is claiming that Garner actually believes Lopez is leaking information to the media about her split from Affleck. Like we said, R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. Oh, and the site’s “source” isn’t done yet.

Alleging Garner views Lopez as “bitter” and “jealous,” the RadarOnline tipster says, “Jen thinks J. Lo is passive aggressive because Jen is the one who got Ben after their relationship ended. Jen feels J. Lo is punishing her for that. She thinks it’s below the below [sic] and kicking her when she’s down.”

And where does Affleck fit in? “She’s asked Ben to make it stop,” alleges the webloid’s supposed snitch. “Ben insists he’s not in contact with his old girlfriend, but Jen doesn’t believe it.”

Know what we don’t believe? This absurd story, and neither should readers. The notion that Lopez has ANYTHING to do with media reports on Affleck and Garner’s split is preposterous. The ONLY reason Lopez has been mentioned in stories is because tabloids like RadarOnline have spread false rumors about Affleck and Lopez supposedly having an affair, and Lopez plotting to get back together with him, claims Gossip Cop previously corrected.

It was ALL made up, and so is this latest tall tale. Lopez is not spilling anything to the media, and Garner certainly isn’t asking Affleck to make her stop. Gossip Cop was previously told Lopez was “disgusted” over getting dragged into the Affleck-Garner divorce stories. Now, thanks to RadarOnline, she has even more reason to rightfully be angry.

And, by the way, in addition to its article being riddled with grammatical mistakes, the URL for RadarOnline’s story says “jennifer-lopes.” Do not trust a site that can’t even spell an A-list star’s last name correctly.

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Jennifer Garner is begging Ben Affleck to silence his bitter ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.


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