Jennifer Garner Did NOT Kick Out Ben Affleck From Family Home, Despite Claim

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Jennifer Garner Kicks Out Ben Affleck

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Kicks Out Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner did not kick Ben Affleck out of the family home, despite a sensational claim from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction in this misleading report.

“Bloated Ben Gets The Boot,” reads a headline in the National Enquirer, which mocks Affleck’s appearance and alleges he’s “descend[ing] into a booze-soaked oblivion.” A so-called “source” for the supermarket tabloid says there’s fears of a “relapse.” The gossip magazine implies that’s why he’s no longer living at the family’s main estate, blaring, “Jen kicks him out as he fights to stay sober.”

Yet, the outlet actually isn’t so confident, saying the residence is “presumably” Affleck’s former home and speculating that movers photographed by paparazzi were filling trucks “with what were thought to be Ben’s belongings.” If the publication is contending Garner gave him the “boot,” shouldn’t it know for sure whether their mansion is his “former” home and if the trucks were moving his possessions? You would think, but instead the tabloid just goes on to regurgitate its already debunked story about Garner putting Affleck through a “booze boot camp.”

The magazine’s supposed snitch further maligns Affleck as “deluded” for allegedly clinging on to the “fantasy” he and Garner will still get back together. “It’s time for her to move on, and for Ben to grow up,” snipes this purported tipster. These mean-spirited remarks, however, would be better directed at the National Enquirer itself. For nearly two years now, the “deluded” tabloid has been running “fantasy” stories about the two stars, like the piece last fall that falsely claimed Garner was pregnant and having a baby to save her marriage to Affleck.

It seems it’s the magazine that needs to “move on” and “grow up,” because Affleck and Garner have already been doing just that. The actor has, in fact, moved out of the family’s estate, where he had been living in a guest house, and moved into a residence nearby. That didn’t happen because Garner kicked him out, though. It happened because, understandably, they both agreed there should be more individual space going forward as their divorce proceeds. That’s, after all, typically what happens after a couple files for divorce, as they did last month. It has nothing to do with fears of a “relapse.”

As for concerns about Affleck’s boozing, sources have been honest with Gossip Cop about Affleck having “demons.” But we’re told he’s committed to taking care of himself and working through issues as needed. What’s really going on here is the tabloid saw the paparazzi pictures of Affleck mid-move, and then built a sensational story around it tied to his past battles with drinking. But the main contentions here are fiction.

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