Did Jennifer Garner And John Miller Move In Together?

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Jennifer Garner in a pink dress

By Hugh Scott |

Jennifer Garner in a pink dress

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An article last year claimed Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend John Miller were moving in together. Gossip Cop debunked it at the time. A year later, the couple is still not cohabitating.

On November 29 2018, we busted In Touch for a phony report alleging Garner and Miller were moving in together. The two had only been dating for a few months at that point, and despite the word of a supposed source, the outlet’s report was completely false. This “source” told the magazine, “She knows some people think it’s too soon, but now that their romance is no longer a secret, they want to be together 24/7.” The dubious tipster also added that the couple was already thinking about getting married and possibly having kids. Everything about the report was flat-out incorrect.

Gossip Cop pointed out that the story never mentioned who moved in with whom. It’s a major red flag when a magazine can’t flesh out its story with details. At the time, the couple was taking things slow, as multiple publications pointed out. It’s been 12 months, and while Garner and her boyfriend are still very much together, they’re still not living together. The tabloid’s story was completely made up.

In Touch has been way out of touch when it comes to the couple’s relationship. In July 2019, the outlet published an article claiming Garner and Miller had set a wedding date for later in the summer, though the tabloid hedged its prediction by adding it “could be pushed to early fall.” It’s nearly December and unsurprisingly, the magazine’s reporting wasn’t correct. The couple isn’t even engaged. Gossip Cop busted this story, and we’ve busted multiple reports from many of the tabloid’s sister publications, which have also spread untrue stories about Garner and Miller getting married.

In Touch also has a checkered history covering Garner’s relationship with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Two years ago, just before Thanksgiving, the paper falsely claimed Garner had taken Affleck back after the Alias star acknowledged both of them would be spending the holiday together with their three kids. The exes have maintained a strong friendship and they’re raising their kids together, but they’ve never gotten back together after separating in 2015. The outlet’s story was especially curious as the couple had finalized their divorce just a month earlier. Gossip Cop will continue correcting the tabloid’s false reporting about the actress, while the passage of time will also continue disproving these phony narratives.


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