Jennifer Garner NOT Seeking Full Custody Of Ben Affleck Kids, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Full Custody Ben Affleck Kids

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Full Custody Ben Affleck Kids

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Jennifer Garner is NOT seeking full custody of her kids with Ben Affleck, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

As Gossip Cop reported, Garner and Affleck announced earlier this week that they are divorcing after 10 years of marriage. The soon-to-be exes have three kids together: Violet, 9; Seraphina, 6; and Samuel, 3. And while all signs point to the split being amicable, Life & Style claims that’s hardly the case.

According to the magazine, the “final straw” for Garner came when Affleck was allegedly 40 minutes late in picking up their children from school, and supposedly “smelled of booze and cigarettes” when he finally showed up. Now a so-called “source” tells Life & Style, “She doesn’t think he’s responsible enough to take care of their kids on his own.” And that’s not all.

The outlet further writes that Garner is “understandably angry about his behavior — and wants to make him pay.” How so? Well, “in addition to full custody,” Life & Style claims the actress “intends to fight for half of Ben’s earnings, as well as their Pacific Palisades estate.” But this is all entirely FALSE.

Gossip Cop is told that Garner’s issues with Affleck have nothing to do with him as father, but a breakdown in their relationship as husband and wife. And she’s so confident in Affleck as a dad that the stars are planning to SHARE custody. Furthermore, there is no battle over their estate, as the actor will remaining living on the property, albeit in a different part.

Lastly, Garner and Affleck are independently wealthy. They’ve both had successful careers, and neither is hurting for cash. While they do have to formally divide their finances, Garner is not looking for any kind of spousal support.

Divorcing in the public eye is hard enough as it is. There is no need for tabloids like Life & Style to create drama where there is none.


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