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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have filed for divorce amid a slew of false reports that the two were reconciling, Gossip Cop can confirm. In a coordinated move without their lawyers, Garner put in her court papers on Thursday, and right afterwards Affleck responded with his divorce filing.

The two both asked for joint legal and physical custody of their kids, Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina. Gossip Cop has learned that for months, while a slew of outlets were wrongly reporting the two were reconciling, Affleck and Garner were busy working out a lot of the details of their divorce, since they do not have a prenuptial agreement.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Garner and Affleck announced they were divorcing in June 2015. We even noted nearly two years ago, "Despite the announcement, the movie stars will not immediately file their divorce petitions." We further pointed out at the time that they were "working privately with a mediator to negotiate settlement terms," and that they will "share custody of their kids."

And while Gossip Cop has been right along, and had inside information on the couple, numerous outlets have spent the past 22 months publishing falsehoods about them. Just one week ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style when it wrongly reported Garner and Affleck were renewing their vows. Equally ridiculous was a cover story from In Touch last week that falsely declared, Garner was pregnant with Affleck's twin babies. Also within the past month was a wholly made-up article by the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, who claimed Matt Damon got Garner and Affleck "back together." All those and dozens upon dozen of other reports were wrong.

Gossip Cop has had the inside track for a long time, and is now told by an impeccable source that after working out the details of custody, the estranged spouses have focused on the financials, which cover nearly 12 years of marriage and millions of dollars. One insider assures us Garner and Affleck are very close to figuring the split of their assets, and that they would like to have their divorce neatly wrapped up by the end of 2017, all without having to go to court.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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