Jennifer Garner Endorses “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” – WATCH VIDEO

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Jennifer Garner Stephen Colbert Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Stephen Colbert Video


Jennifer Garner, one of the best known celebrity spokespeople, gave an endorsement to the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Friday. Check out the video below.

Garner was on the CBS show to promote her latest movie, Wakefield. At one point, Colbert noted that the actress is “one of the most trusted and most likeable people in Hollywood.” That prompted Garner to adjust her boobs to make sure nothing was going to “pop out” and ruin her image. The host then said, “Could I ask you a favor as an old friend? Would you mind just looking at the camera and endorsing this show for the people out there? Just saying, ‘You should watch the show. I’m Jennifer Garner and I think you might enjoy the show and what’s in you wallet?'”

That last line, of course, is Garner’s famous tagline from her Capital One commercials. The star let out a hearty laugh and was totally game. Turning serious, she then looked into the camera and said, “Stephen Colbert is someone who you can have faith in to bring you evening entertainment that you can laugh at, learn from and enjoy. Welcome to ‘The Stephen Colbert Show,’ except now it’s called the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Colbert joked afterward that he’ll now get “Super Bowl” ratings. She amusingly noted, “I charge for that, by the way.” Garner’s endorsement came a week after President Donald Trump slammed Colbert as unfunny and untalented. But both he and Garner have come a long way in their careers.

The pair discussed meeting when they both guest-starred on “Spin City” for one episode, after which Garner became a babysitter for Colbert’s daughter. When she later left the job to move to Los Angeles, he was convinced Hollywood would “devour her.” After a few years, though, Garner landed her big break: “Alias.” Colbert went on to recall admitting to his wife that she looked “hot,” something that he never said years prior.

“What am I supposed to say, ‘Have you noticed hot the babysitter is?'” the comedian cracked. While that could’ve been an awkward quip given Ben Affleck’s nanny scandal, Garner gave another one of her big laughs, astutely noting, “That doesn’t go over well.” At the end of the interview, Colbert asked if Garner needs any babysitting so he could “return the favor.” “I do! I have 17 children,” she replied. Watch the video below.

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