Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck “Divorce Papers” Don’t Exist, Despite Claim

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Jennifer Garner Divorce Papers Ben Affleck

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Garner Divorce Papers Ben Affleck


“Jen’s Divorce Papers!” screams the cover of the new issue of Star over a photo of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck looking seemingly unhappy. The tabloid’s cover also teases, “Ben’s Other Women.” Naturally, one would assume from the magazine that Garner has filed “divorce papers,” and part of the reason is “Ben’s other women.” But Gossip Cop can report that the entire tabloid report is a bait-and-switch.

Inside the magazine, the “shocking details” about Garner’s divorce papers is no shock at all, and they have nothing even to do with Affleck. The tabloid has a tiny reproduction of the court papers Garner filed 12 years ago when she divorced Scott Foley. And there’s no shock to those decade-plus papers either, since neither asked for spousal support.

Fine, but what about “Ben’s other women”? The best Star has is a so-called “insider” saying, “Ben enjoys gambling,” and “Jen is terrified that cocktail waitresses, hookers and party girls could come out of the woodwork and claim to have hooked up with Ben. She’s never busted him cheating.” Let’s look at this again: Garner’s “never busted him cheating,” but women “could come out of the woodwork.” So then, who concretely are Affleck’s “other women”?

With reps for Garner and Affleck not commenting to Gossip Cop on rumors of an imminent split, it’s a bit unclear what’s going on between the two stars, but one thing is crystal clear: Despite the promises on its cover, Star doesn’t have “divorce papers” relating to her current husband nor can it name one of Affleck’s supposed “other women.” Unfortunately, at this point, Gossip Cop doesn’t expect much better from the tabloid.


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