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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck broke up in 2015, and last year, he went public with a new relationship with Lindsay Shookus. Though he has very clearly moved on, Garner hasn't opted for a new romance just yet. But that hasn't stopped the tabloids from making up fictional ones. Below, check out five wrong dating rumors about the actress below.

Just over a year ago, OK! announced Garner was in a "revenge romance" with Chris Pine. "Chris and Jen have been seeing each other on the down-low for a little while now," a so-called "insider" was quoted as saying. At the same time, though, it was claimed they were stepping out at the Sunset Tower and going on afternoon hikes. Yet the stars, who are routinely photographed by paparazzi, were never seen together. That's because they weren't dating, and this cover story was fabricated out of thin air, as Gossip Cop said 12 months ago. Time has since proven our reporting was correct. Earlier this year, Pine started dating Annabelle Wallis.

In March, the National Enquirer wanted readers to believe Garner had a "new guy," an unnamed lawyer whom she already introduced to her family over a New Year's vacation. As the story went, Garner and her kids initially spent Christmas in Montana with Affleck, but once he left, the purported beau and her family arrived to continue the holiday celebration. Tellingly, it was not said how Garner and the unidentifiable attorney met, or even why the magazine was running this narrative months after the alleged rendezvous. The outlet also failed to acknowledge that a mere month before the holidays, Garner admitted she's not interested in dating. And, as Gossip Cop noted, her spokesperson further confirmed she was still single.

The following month, in April, the publication's sister site, RadarOnline, peddled a bogus romance narrative about Garner and Liam Neeson. The actor was said to be "taken" with the mom of three, and "hoping to be set up with her." An untraceable "insider" claimed the pair bonded through her upcoming action film Peppermint, and maintained, "The fascination is mutual... They are flirting with the idea of going on an actual date." When Gossip Cop investigated, however, a rep for Neeson told us the tale was "B.S." There was also a clear factual error, with the blog wrongly contending Garner had "finalized" her divorce from Affleck "last year." In actuality, the legal proceedings are ongoing, and it was the one-year anniversary of Garner filing for divorce just days before this misinformation was peddled.

Throughout the first half of 2018, OK! ran a number of phony articles about Garner being in a relationship with Josh Duhamel. This culminated in May, when the tabloid alleged she was suffering another "romantic letdown" because he was supposedly now getting close with Megan Fox. A so-called "source" asserted, "She likes Josh and thinks he's handsome and very sexy, but she's telling friends that maybe this is a sign she should step back." The problems here were two-fold: As Gossip Cop had already reported, and as the Love, Simon co-stars themselves had confirmed, Duhamel and Garner were not dating. But he wasn't pursuing a romance with the married Fox, either. In fact, the actor is currently dating Eiza Gonzalez.

Just last week, Star offered what is perhaps the most outrageous rumor of the bunch with a cover story claiming Garner and Shookus are "both pregnant" Affleck's babies. It was alleged he possibly impregnated his estranged wife during a "sleepover" at her home on March 7. An anonymous insider insisted, "People are buzzing she's pregnant, and that the timing lines perfectly up with the night Ben slept at her place." Suspiciously, the cover of the issue said Garner was calling off their divorce, but nothing was mentioned about that in the actual article. Regardless, all of the contentions were untrue, both their spokespeople assured Gossip Cop on the record. We also uncovered a YouTube video from two days before this report that showed Garner has no baby bump whatsoever.

Garner has also been falsely linked to neighbors, various "mystery" men, and even Patrick Dempsey. There's no reason to believe the star won't re-enter the dating world eventually. But all of these reports have been wildly premature and inaccurate. Readers can count on Gossip Cop to keep sharing what's real and what's isn't going forward.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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